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Monday, August 1, 2011

August Tile Tuxedo

While it's hotter than blazes across most of the US, I decided to go with a beachy theme fabric for this month. Trust me the beachy theme looks much better on the fabric, than on my derrière, if you know what I mean!  :-)
So this time I have chosen "The Three Martini Star" from QuiltersCache.com , to celebrate my birthday last week. Not that I am a Martini kind of girl, I celebrated at "On the Border" with a giant frozen  Sangria/Margarita swirl. Now that's my kind of drink, but they didn't have a block with that name, so we settle for next best, right? 

It's paper piecing, but it's an easy one with only 4 parts. This one piece is really the only one you are going to have to watch. You are going to start with the star points. See the glue glob on the paper? Ask me how I know, you start with the star points?? :-)
Here are the 4 pieces all stitched up and ready to put together.

Once my block was together. I cut a 3/4" strip for piping, folded it in half and ironed it, then attached it along my 4 sides. Our block is 6 1/2" square right now.   If you remember from the original directions, we are going to need our block to be 7" wide, so I have cut 3/4" red strips to bring our block up to size.  There you have it. A great trivet tux for the hot month of August. If your new to trivet tuxes, there is a link on the tutorials bar on the right side of my blog that will take you to the general directions for them.

I love this block. This would make a great quilt or mug rug. I'll be playing with this block again, that's for sure.

Happy stitching and stay cool out there!


  1. I love this tux. It is a great block but now I can't imagine it in any other color way. This is just a terrific visual. Thanks for sharing. Selina

  2. Love the beachy block. At least it helps me think of Summer.
    And a great big Happy Birthday for last week when I think you turned 21. Congratulations on that marvelous milestone!! May you celebrate many more times turning 21!! Hope it was a good one.

  3. Thought you didn't like paper piecing? Does that mean that you will make my Santa that we were suppose to make in a class upteen years ago???? :) Love the tile!

  4. Just followed your link from Stash Manicure -- I absolutely love those bags. Now I want to go shopping for plastic and tear away stabilizer!

  5. I came over from the Stash manicure! I love the bags. I am now a follower and I have been reading your blog!

  6. I have seen the lovely bags you make on stash manicure - Count me in for the giveaway - They are lovely !!!
    (I am a new follower)


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