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Monday, August 15, 2011

Go Baby

You know, I have waited and watched, considered and reconsidered. I thought the Go Baby was going to be one of those purchases that everyone ran out to make, and then did nothing with. So, I being the smart one, decided not to bother with it. But just when I get the strength to not purchase yet another quilting tool that I don't use. Someone else comes up with another adorable quilt made with their GO.

I have been looking at them at every show I have attended for a year now, and finally gave into temptation. I ordered it from Amazon months ago. It arrived with some dies that I purchased, and I have been buying dies as I find a sale from time to time. All fine and well, but did I do anything with it...  No, I am sorry to say.

Last week my friend JoAnn was here and wanted to see the machine. She's got the bug too, and knew I would be the one to ask about it. She was horrified that I hadn't even opened the box yet. So open it we did, and as she was quilting her quilt, I played, and played and played. Needless to say, I am still playing, and wondering just WHY it took me so long to open the box. This thing is absolutely the most fun tool I have used it quite some time.
If you've never played with a GO, let me just tell you, how perfect your pieces are. My half square triangles just about pieced themselves together. I layered my 2 fabrics right sides together and ran them thru the machine. They were ready to stitch immediately. What a great way to cut them so you don't have to waste time putting each half together for piecing. It's perfection BABY!

Chain piecing is a snap and just look at all the possibilities with the half square triangles.

I am going with pinwheels for my block this time. See how perfect the centers match up. That makes me very happy :-)

I was given a couple of dies from my quilting buddy, for my birthday. She is a Sunbonnet Sue freak!  So in your honor Ruth, here's my first GO baby project with your fav... 

I have so many ideas rolling around in my otherwise empty head right now.

Sun Bonnet Sue, you are about to embark on some adventure!!!  And, do I have some fabrics that are going to be just perfect for it!  A little bit of stash busting, and a whole lot of fun!  Stay tuned...


  1. I am just loving that Sunbonnet Sue wallhanging!! It's so bright and cheery. Did you design it yourself?

  2. I am so glad the wait was worth while. Congrats on opening the box.

    Looking at your blocks and picking up on your enthusiasm I might just have to put this on my Christmas list.

    Thanks, as always Selina

  3. i too am resisting the bug to buy one. i think they would be awesome for regular block making but also for the fancy cuts, like the wedding ring template. that would be great to try out!

  4. Of course the bug had to bite eventually. And when it did, there really was no pain was there?
    Looks like you have had a bit of fun with your Go! What are the dies you have chosen? Love your cute quilt!

  5. That's a really precious wall hanging. :) Love the flowers and the suebonnet!

    I would love to get a GO! Baby, but sadly at the moment I have a daughter leaving for CMU on Thursday; so, the extra dollars are being saved for her last minute things.

  6. Cute wallhanging!

    I am so jealous, I want a Go Baby so badly lol. I have been entering every giveaway I can find to try to get one, I may just have to find a bunch of stuff to e-bay so I can get one lol.

  7. Hummmm....GO BABY....birthday in Oct..could they go together????

  8. Your wallhanging is adorable! I have the Go! Baby, just need to buy some dies. The 4" HST is one I really want! Have fun!!

  9. I love that Sunbonnet Sue - really cute idea! blessings, marlene

  10. Very cute Sue! I love all the blocks you cut out~ I'm having a terrible case of 'the wanna's' now. ;-) Have a happy day!

  11. Now we will know what is occupying you if you don't blog for a while - creating new blocks with the 'new' toy! Don't forget we want pictures. The first Sunbonnet Sue is so cute you'll have to post the whole adventuring series now :D!!

  12. Cool new toy -- and don't you deserve it?!! I've heard how great this device is -- guess I'd better add it to my wish list.


  13. I have a bunch of 1-1/2" strips to cut for altar cloths. Making a 36 block log cabin in no particular design so light and dark sides don't really ring true. Red, green, white and purple are the colors I will be making. this surely would speed up the process. You always get me to consider new "toys".


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