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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunbonnet Sue is "GO"ing again!

I warned you, there would be more, and there is. I just can't help myself. All this playing with the "GO" is way too much fun.

This week Sunbonnet Sue takes a ride on the color challenge side. I love the looks of a black and white quilt when you throw in 1 color to really make it pop. Lime green, is that enough of a pop for you? :-) I am guessing that the original Sunbonnet Sue designer probably didn't have that in mind when she/he drew up this design. But what can I say, it's a thank you gift for the person who gave me the die, and lime green is her favorite color.

I did some playing around with the Daisy's and the color change too. If you look closely at the centers of them, you will see a half of a petal in each color. This was done by one of 2 ways. First I cut a strip of the black and the white fabrics 1" wide and fused them down next to each other then carefully placed them over the die for the daisy petal. It works fine, but you do have to be careful to not tear the fusible when attaching. My favorite was to just put a 2" piece of the white fabric on fusible, the place a 1" strip of the black with fusible on it on the top. It gives you a base to work with and you don't have to worry about the 2 pieces coming apart in the middle.  I use a light weight fusible, so I don't worry too much about the bulk it might add. Careful placement on the die is the key.

                                                                             As you can see, when you place it just right on the die, you get a perfect petal.  Next time around I might make my strips 1 1/4" wide. That way I can get an additional petal of the fabrics on each side of it.
Now as I am putting the petals down, I see this interesting design start to form, which lead to more playing.
Kind of reminds you of the Cathedral Windows or wedding ring doesn't it? And all from 1 petal of the daisy leaf die.  Hummm who would have though!  Stay tuned for the continuing saga of "I love my GO Baby...
PSSST:  I almost forgot. There is going to be a great surprise, right here in the MooseStash from the folks at GO real soon!


  1. OH MY! I'm SOOOO Jealous... Green with Envy! LOL, isn't that one of the 7 deadly sins!

    I'm so glad you love your Go! it makes me REALLY want to go out and get one. At this time though, funds are low trying to get both kids registered for college!

  2. Great job. I love the black and white. The green makes it all pop.

    I can't wait to see where you GO next.:) I just couldn't resist.


  3. Ingenious use of your die! I love the way you made the wedding ringis look. It's really great!

  4. Love your little Sues! I have the regular Go. I am said to say I have only used it a couple of times...But I do have plans!

  5. Clever! A 2quilt-in-one die possibility...

  6. Your Sunbonnet Sue wall hanging is just adorable! The black and white is perfect with the green to set it off. I like the 2 colors used on your Accuquilt Go die! Looks like you are really having fun!

  7. Love how you've done this, very creative !!
    Can't wait to see where you 'Go' with the purples.

  8. Sue looks great sporting her new colors!

  9. Oh. Your Sunbonnet Sue is adorable. I've been wondering whether to get the die for my Go and now I know that I absolutely will! Yours is gorgeous.

  10. I love watching you play with this! Keep sharing all those wonderful ideas that you have. The SBS is lovely but your idea with the petals is the best. And I love the way that so many great discoveries are almost accidental.
    Was there room in the Quilt car proto-type for a Go!???
    I do enjoy seeing what mischief you are up to!

  11. Convinced me too to go buy the Sunbonnet Go dies. Absolutely stunning!

  12. This is so so cute! What a great idea for this design. I have already dropped some 'not-so-subtle' hints to my DH that I want a Go! for Christmas. :D

  13. I would never have thought to put lime green with this, but it IS awesome, isn't it??? You done good, girl! I am so impressed.

  14. oh unreal,so pretty your choice of fabrics and how clever is that go machine

  15. That is SO pretty - and different than any other Sunbonnet Sue quilt I've seen out there. I love it! :-)

  16. The idea of fusing two fabrics side-by-side is really creative! I have never used a GO! cutter, but I love looking at them and dreaming of the things I could do. I agree, the winter themed dies look very interesting. Have you got a lot of projects planned out for them already?



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