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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bitty Bug Bag

I've been playing around with this delightful little bag called the "Bitty Bug" from This and That Patterns.  I've long been a fan of these patterns. They are fast easy and great scrap projects.  This one here, was made with the scraps from our Quilted Table, Fall table runner swap for my partner. Don't you just love the fabrics she sent me?

Like the proverbial M&M's we all love, I couldn't stop with just one!!  Or was that a potato chips???  Anyway, you know what I mean. They just kept multiplying. I found that it was perfect, for a border print, if I pieced them at the bottom, so the print ran the right way on both sides. Also perfect for your favorite focus fabric, and let me tell you just how fast and easy they are if your not piecing all the little scraps together. :-)

Mine, is from my favorite Alaska theme fabrics, and proved to be a great place to keep all my cords when I travel. You know those phone, I-pod, E-reader chargers etc... It was the just the right size, to store all of them in one place. And it co-ordinates with my new laptop bag, which was a larger version of the Professional Tote. I had to adjust the bag a couple of inches, to accommodate laptop and that worked out great, too!!  Yeah, I love it when things come together as planned. :-)
So there you have it, that's what I have been working on the past few days. I now have a great start on my Christmas gifts. With these little babies, I can pop in something special for the recipient, like a gift card, sewing supplies, fat quarters, or a 10 carat diamond (yeah right) and maybe top it off with those oh so wonderful M&M's... The choices are endless!

That being said, I am on vacation on Alaska for 3 weeks. Mr Moosestash is holding down the fort at home, making sure all the animals are fed, fat and happy, while I have a suitcase full of projects to work on up here. Friday we are heading into Anchorage. My friend tells me the Great Alaska Quilt Show in this weekend. Could I have picked a better time to come or what?  I'm so excited!


  1. Those are really cute! I am forever looking for a way to use up my scraps, so I might just ahve to try this!

  2. Those bags are awfully cute!! ALASKA!!?! Wow, have lots and lots of fun! ~karen

  3. What adorable little bags!!! Have a wonderful time in Alaska!!

  4. Great little bags! Love the color combinations you chose -- is that a Laurel Burch fabric I spy???


  5. Show off!! I don't think you really go to work. I think you stay home all day and sew!!
    Okay, they are rather wonderful, scrappy and otherwise. Lots of great ideas for use, too. What size are they? Width, height? I can see why you can't stop at one!
    How many M & Ms fit in one????

    I have to laugh at the idea of giving chocolate as a gift or sending chocolate through the post. We have to pick our times carefully as either Summer here in your part of the world can create problems. We sent chocolate coated teddy bear biscuits to the grandies recently but they were left in the letterbox too long and came inside in a soft condition!

    Have a fun time on your visit and enjoy that quilt show.


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