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Friday, September 9, 2011

I hate to brag...but

I'm forced (or not so forced), maybe fortunate is the correct work, to sit here sewing all day while everyone else is at work. Oh it's a tough life, but someone has to do it!        :-)  :-)

Just watching outside and trying to make sure I don't run over my fingers as I sew. No easy task I might add! 

                               Here is my view. It's mid afternoon.

When I play with the settings on my camera, this is what I see with color swap! Interesting...


This is color accent. Pretty amazing how different they all look huh?

                           So, now we are on to early evening.
                                  The mountains are almost ghost like.

And my favorite, early this morning.
I just love the fog hanging in the valley.

So as you can see, I have been completely abused!!  :-) 
By the way, that little piece of orange fabric in the upper left hand corner of my sewing machine photo... Stay tuned, it's a quilt top now! Flimsy, of course :-)
Ahhhhh the good life!


  1. Sounds like the most perfect day ever!

  2. So I was right. You are doing nothing but spending your time sewing!! Well, I suppose someone has to do it. Mind you, I am impressed that you can focus on sewing when you have such a stunning view on your doorstep! What a beautiful place. Keep enjoying your time away!

  3. What a beautiful view!!!TFS

    I also get to spend each day doing whatever I choose (quilting, papercrafting, golfing, bowling, off-roading, traveling, etc)...retirement is sooooooo exhausting LOL!!!

  4. Lucky you to have all day to sew LOL!!! I love the view you have and the photos are wonderful, I love the different effects you created. I may have missed it, but what type of camera are you using? I love what it can do!!!

  5. Beautiful photos! Any one of them could turn into a great quilt!



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