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Monday, September 19, 2011

Halloween fun

It's only a flimsy, but this was one of the projects I managed to get pieced when I wasn't out playing in the fall sunshine!  Halloween time is my favorite time of the year, and this will be going on my long arm as soon as I get home. 

Don't you just love the fabric?? It's such a cute whimsical print. Only to be outdone by the fact that I found it at Wooden Spools, where they sell fabrics leftover from someones stash, at half the regular price. If you live in the Denver area, check them out.Nothing beats a bargain and an adorable fabric right?  :-)

The pattern for this is  "Times 3", from Mountain Peek Creations. Check out the "Just Can't Cut it" tab.  FAST and easy. It's a great pattern for those prints, that are so dear to your heart!

On an Alaska update, I am convinced that all the animals in the state ran and hide the moment they heard I was coming for a visit!  :-(  :-( 

As of date, 2 weeks here, I have seen only 4 eagles, and 1 moose that was parked in the yard when we got home from Anchorage at 1am. No photo op there, unfortunately. It was just too darn dark. But on a walk this morning not 100 foot from the back door I saw these moose tracks. And yes, I knew we had a moose, but this one below stopped me dead in my tracks!

I believe that would be a bear track. While I am a city girl and have no idea just how old it is, I chose to cut my little walk a little shorter today. No sense in taking chances, since they are packing on the pounds preparing for hibernation. With my extra pounds, I didn't want to look like a juicy pork chop for any bear OK!!  Call me a wimp, I am good with it!

And by the way it was as big as my foot, so I doubt it was a lost baby bear!

The weather is definitely changing, it was 37 the night before last, and there is a very real chill in the air today. I hope that I have not missed the best photo op for the fall colors, but fear I have. The high peaks on the mountains have now got their first dusting of snow, and they say that means 2 weeks and it will be on the ground here in town. Burr!!

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  1. I like that pattern idea. It works so well with just the one fabric plus the sashing. I do agree that the fabric is gorgeous and the fact that you got it cheap is an extra bonus.
    I checked out the link and there are some great pattern ideas there. Thanks.
    Now those animal tracks are a little disconcerting. I would have no desire to meet up with either of them, day or night!
    Stay inside and sew - it's safer!


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