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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Accuquilt fun-Tumbler die

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to cut out an entire quilt in 30 minutes. That is exactly what I did before I went on vacation. The tumbler die makes for a great travel project, and a rainy day was perfect to sit and play with them.  I should mention, that sewing them up was a dream. You really can't miss with the perfect cut outs! :-)  :-) Yeah!

Oh-the choices.

I had to do some playing to see what I liked best!

                                                      Each layout has it's place, but for my project, I went with the one that lets my eye rest a bit.  It's a busy quilt, since I used so many of my beloved Halloween fabrics in it.  Once I get home this will get a wide black border with some fun applique on it. Hummm, that means I am going to have to go order some of those great  dies they keep coming up with now doesn't it?
 You know these would be perfect! I am very excited to see the new two toned foam too. While the solid has not been much of an issue for me personally, I know the two tone is going to be a great hit!

As I said, I pre-cut my tumblers before I came, but I actually had enough left over to make a table runner too.  BONUS!  And I love those happy surprises!
So as soon as I get home, these will get their special finishing touches and some quilting too!  Oh Baby GO, I do love you!

Now for another Alaska update:

It was a scary time here last night. Remember those bear tracks I showed you last post??  Well I was sitting here watching TV and heard a noise. I thought my son came home from work early and was dumping trash, but he never came in, so I went over and messed with the light switches to find the one that turns on the yard light.  Hummm... nothing accept the freezer door is open?????? Now that's strange. My first thought was bear, so I watched for awhile before I opened the door, closed the lid quickly and got back inside.
After telling Mike the story when he gets home, he goes out and locks the freezer.  Later on as I am cleaning up the kitchen we hear a big bang, and Mike runs to the door and lets out a big ole "oh crap"! By the time I get there, I see nothing, but there had been a very big brown bear looking in the window at him. This time the bear had moved the freezer about 2 feet from the house. Now who is shaking harder at this point, was hard to tell. He gathers his firearm and a rubber bullet gun just in case. We know we have to get the freezer in the house, this bear is not leaving, but it's dark, do we really want to go out now???  All the yard lights go on, we remote start the cars, make tons of noise and make our way out. I have no knowledge of guns, so my holding one would be stupid, we would both end up hurt.  Mike holding the gun heads out with me in tow. I need to move this freezer that is full. Yeah right. I have no idea just how this bear managed to get it moved!! But that adrenaline thing kicked in and the two of us managed to drag it into the house. Need I mention, that it was almost impossible to sleep last night after that? Every noise we heard we jumped.

With the light of day we explore to find that our friend found it's way to a Rubbermaid Roughneck tote that was under the 5th wheel in the lower part of the yard. There was nothing but dry goods and spices in it, but he had his way with em all. I have to wonder just how a box of dry mac and cheese really tastes including 2/3rds of the cardboard box too!  YUMM!!

Don't ya just love the size of that claw?  YIKES.  I would hate to have had to deal with the freezer damage he could have inflicted!

And yes, I take back my comment about all the wildlife leaving the state as soon as I got here  :-)


  1. We're in the Rocky Mountains right now and watched a bear for about an hour this morning eating his way toward his winter sleep. He was about a hundred yards from the road, thank goodness! I can't imagine having one that close...I'd be scared to go to sleep! I love your tumbler quilt. I have plans to cut one out with my Go! when I get home. blessings, marlene

  2. I would have said more than Oh Crap and most of would have been unprintable! I get used to snakes and spiders over here but your bears scare the daylights out of me! The house we stayed at in the mountains at Colorado Springs had regular visits from bears - but thankfully not when we were there.
    You certainly have had your share of excitement!
    By the way, the tumbler quilt looks great too. Why not applique a couple of bears on that as a reminder of this trip?
    Good luck and please do not play with the bears!

  3. Great looking pieces from the AccuQuilt cutter -- how perfect are those?! Must have made piecing really fun and easy.



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