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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rain rain go away

Since it's been raining, I started a project for my son. He has a hand me down couch with a lovely quilt block pattern on it. It's not a "guy fabric" so it has a cover over it. He hates the cover but can't find anything reasonably priced to replace it. In my mailbox comes a catalogue from ABC Distributing. There is a great quilted suede furniture cover in it, but for $27.95 for a full size couch just what can you really be getting right??  So off to JoAnns fabrics I go. You have no idea just how hard it is to find an 8 yard piece of fabric in a small town store. Nothing in upholstery fabrics at all. But a stroll past the polar fleece, made that proverbial light bulb go off.  Reversible-warm polar fleece for winter and a cool cotton side for summer. Topped off, with it being machine washable-perfect!

I spent the past 2 days quilting the polar fleece to a heavyweight trigger cloth which gave it a nice base. My measurements for fabric were way off, so there was enough to do the chair too. He was delighted when he came home from work and saw them. It really does make his furniture look great now!  :-)  Happy dance, happy dance! 

Now back to my selfish side and work on a project for ME.

Why is it, I just can't seem to get away from this furniture upholstery thing???
Have I been bad?  (don't answer that)   hehehehe


  1. Heh - can you maybe box up your weather and send it to Oklahoma? we reached 102 degrees yesterday where I live, and I am so so SO ready for fall, rain and cold and all.

    Those covers look awesome, and surprisingly simple. I might have to try one for my ugly old couch/loveseat combo.

  2. Lol, the furniture upholstery thing may just be a stage you need to go through but it certainly seems to be successful judging by the couch cover!

  3. Not raining here in Lapeer County, MI, YET :P

    I would love to reupholster my couches.. I've considered taking them apart... but, then what we would have to sit on :P

    I bought a couch coverup from Kohl's recently... and well it's a bit SMALL so it constantly is getting moved around AND I'm constantly rearranging it. So, I can kinda relate to your son. :)

    You did an awesome job! :)

  4. Great guy look. It also looks so compfy. Great mom.

  5. You may have found a new career, Joan -- nice job on those furniture pieces!


  6. Very impressive! This does look good. Hope you have been taken out to dinner a few times as a thank you for all this work!!

  7. You're a far better woman than I, I just got fleece throws for mine and left it at that lol


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