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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday projects underway!

                                              Whoop Whoop!! 
                         Can you believe it's not Dec 20th yet, and I actually
                              have my Christmas projects underway???
                                              Who'd a thunk!

                           With having some time off work for a change,
                                       I chose to make the best of it.
                              This week I finished 4, yes 4 projects.
                                         Happy Dance Happy Dance!!

This one was one of the most fun things I have ever done. A race track quilt. All machine embroidered and done in the hoop.

What makes it even cooler is the bridges/overpasses
 and the car wash that your cars can drive thru!
These are stitched into the quilt on one side and attached with velcro on the other.
That way when you want to store the quilt, you just release them and they lay flat!
How ingenious is that?

But it gets even better... Pockets in the bottom that you can store your cars in, and they button close.

Now, I must admit that this is for my son, who is almost 30. Yes you read it right, 30.  He is my racing son, who collects Hot Wheels and love the "Cars" movies. So I just couldn't help myself. Mr Moosestash thought it was really cute, if we had grand kids, but he was a bit confused over it being juniors! What can I say, if I have no grands, then I have to treat my kids like children. It's a rule written somewhere I am pretty sure!

I even found the perfect backing...

So if your interested, this is a My Fair Lady design. I saw her booth at the HMQS show in Salt Lake City this year, and WOW does she have some great things. Best yet, they are easy to stitch, no million stitch designs, and they go together fairly quickly. The 56 blocks in this, only took a couple of days to stitch out.
You have to see the fabulous photo albums for babies and the calendars she has.
 They will knock your socks off!

Now I am off to shop for cars... to fill the pockets with of course!

  Note my yellow-orange car in the photos. It's Grem from the new Cars movie.

You see my first car was a Grem... It was really cool! Purple, (wild plum actually) had a sun roof and  orange, green and blue plaid seats.
I bought it right off the show room floor for $2795.00 and my payments were $69.72 a month.     Now does that date me or what!!
Even scarier, is how I remember the details on the price and payments all these years later!
Ahhhh remember the days!
Gas was .25 a gallon too.
Now I am depressed!  :-)


  1. Great race track. I kind of want one to play with now too...lol

  2. That is absolutely wonderful! Do you have to have an embroidery machine to make this work? Are the roads embroidery? I see the pattern is like $48. I am thinking that is for the embroidery patterns. I would like to make this for the grands, but without the embroidery machine I guess it won't be happening.

  3. Some day I'll learn to copy my comment before hitting publish. Blogger is being a pain in the butt today. I will now start again.

    Your quilt is fabulous and Jr. will love it.
    My first off the show room floor was a Beetle in Navy but my stats were very simmilar to yours. My sister and brother both started with Grems. Great cars one in a baby blue and one in Bronze. Thanks for the trip to the past.

  4. Oh my goodness! This is so great! Will have to check out the pattern. You did a terrific job and I'm sure your son will be tickled with it. Being 30 doesn't mean you can't play anymore!

  5. OMG!That is the dang cutest kid rug/quilt deal I have ever seen! Must. Make. It. Thanks for the link to the pattern!

    And OMG! again! A finished Christmas goodie? I looked at fabric yesterday and thought that was a good start!

  6. Great quilt!! And, sadly, I remember, too, when gas was that cheap. Looks like we need to join the Old Fossils' Club . . .


  7. This is really fantastic! What an amazing quilt. I remember you said you were making this quilt for your son. Bet he loves it. The bridges and overpass are a great idea. Love the pockets on the side for the cars. Your sewing is wonderful.
    I am really impressed!!!!

  8. I love it ......
    Thanks for sharing...
    Mette Olsen

  9. Love this! I've been looking for a pattern for a long time I love these pieces pop up at the second one I've seen today like this. Thanks for sharing, from Iowa!


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