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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chocolate Bliss

With the big V day rapidly approaching, nothing is better than seeing happy people with their Heavenly Chocolate Bliss quilts under way.

                               Theresa and Ruth busy working on a block!
 Theresa has not quilted before and I have to tell you, she put her nose to the grind stone and turned out 10 beautiful star blocks, and those blocks are buggers!  I am so thrilled for her. It was fun to see her light up with ever step she conquered!
  Theresa I am so proud of you! I wish I had taken a photo of your lovely  blocks.  And I need more practice with the phone camera!  Gheez, is this fuzzy or what!

          Ruth  has her blocks all done, and has done some fabulous
          things with embellishments, like the lace on her pie here!
          You should see all her fun buttons, beads and baubles!!!
           I can hardly wait to see them all put together. She's a hand
          quilter too. WOW!!  Dare I tell you about her organization?
       She had her pattern in a notebook with dividers and then added
        all kinds of photos from magazines, and recipes for each and
         every block. She brought in a new Food Network (I think)
         magazine that was dedicated to Chocolate this month!  Yummy!

Kelly was an inspiration to all of us. She fussy cut all her pieces, and digitized fun little sayings for her 2 1/2" blocks and even digitized the little "kisses" tabs for Hershey Kisses. Something we all decided we had to have! I have never seen piecing as precise and meticulous as she does. I have something to aspire to now.

Stephanie has never quilted but is a spectacular garment sewer. She went to town on this quilt and got "er" done!  I think we have hooked yet another "Quilter" in our little world here!! :-)  :-)  Yeah Steph!!

Everyone brought so much inspiration to their quilts. Like the pattern wasn't fun enough, adding all the personal touches just makes them "POP". I believe it was Ruth who, scanned chocolate candy wrappers and photo transferred them, for her quilt. Now how cool is that??  And does that open a entire direction for this quilt?

Nothing makes an instructor happier than a class like this. You girls just made my day... month... heck YEAR!!!!!


  1. I LOVE these quilts... They are so fun! These quilts talk to my soul. I think every chocoholic needs one! :) You have some extremely talented ladies!

  2. This is so wonderful to see. What great results with these wonderful quilts. It just goes to show that the enthusiasm of the tutor comes through in the work of the students. Well done, teacher!!

  3. This post has made me drool -- what fun!



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