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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I really haven't been slackin'

Nope, not at all. But I did have to work a lot of days last week, which cut dramatically into my stitching time!


Here is a peek at what has been going on in my studio!
This is the beginning of the Hoop Sisters BOM machine embroidery from last year. And for the record, I am not a year behind, I just saw this and bought it for myself at Christmas.

36 blocks, my hand dyes and hours of stitching time. Each block averages about a hour. I am so glad they make home embroidery machines. I can't imagine doing this by hand.  :-)  Where were we, before all these toys we have now?  :-)

McKenna Ryan was calling me too. This has been on the back burner for awhile now, but I have to get it done. It's a commission quilt of sorts. I promised it for a friend, for her ski condo last year. I am so glad I have patient friends. 

My blocks are fused and ready for me to start quilting. I am looking forward to my next days off!  :-)  Don't we always! Looks like I will have plenty to do!

Keep on stitchin'...


  1. Embroidery before embroidery machines surely you jest. LOL. The colors are fabulous!

    Love the applique block too. The Eagle really finishes the scene.

  2. Looks like you can get a lot done even when you're working -- nice projects!


  3. Glad you found your sewing room again. I know the machine does the embroidery but you have to do all the work preparing and setting it up. You must be very patient! They are interesting blocks.
    And it's good to see the commission coming along, too. I think that one is looking great.
    Enjoy your days away from work!

  4. Oh love that river quilt. Gorgeous work.

  5. How are you going to quilt it, do you go round the edges of the appliqué with invisible thread? I am about to assemble another of her designs


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