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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just can't stop myself

So what do you do, when your going out to dinner with friends in a snowstorm?

That's an easy question, you quick grab a shovel full of snow and cover yet another bunch of fabric with it. Throw on some dyes and run out the door!

That's just what happened last night. Why anyone would feel the need to drive in this stuff if you didn't need to, is beyond me, but there we were. Needless to say, there was no waiting for tables at the restaurants and we got front row parking! I felt like queen for a day!! 

Even better, I came home to these!

 Another one of those bottom feeders. I am always looking for brown to work with. :-) Don't you love the texture!

Now tell me you don't see the Alien in this one!  There are even lights shining out his eyes.  You know right above the olive green crab!

And I haven't even been hitting the sauce!!! hahahaha

Another bottom feeder...

   This again, was in the bottom of the tray and basically just mopped up all the run off dyes. I find myself looking at the patterns. I see a spine in this one, what about you? (I think it's the aliens)  Acutally this is the same piece as the alien above, and the designs are symetrical because it was folded in quarters.

This is a close up of the piece below. I love the way the colors ran and mixed.

This is the full 36"x44" piece, and definitely my favorite of the day.

Wish I had more of an idea what I did, but I was in a hurry and dumped on the dye and ran out the door.

 Doesn't it just figure that when you hit a home run, you have no idea how!!!

Hummm, I still have another day off and there is lots of snow on the ground.

Blue, where is my blue. I need more blue fabrics.

See ya later!


  1. These are absolutely beautiful. I gotta google how to do this! I got snow ----plenty of snow.

  2. So cool. Love the alien. Yes, he is looking at us. Who would have thought that I would maybe want some snow to fall. Maybe I'll wait for next year. They all came out so great. Congrats. Do you have plans for them or are you just going to admire your creations?

  3. I, too love the 'alien'! Oh, yes I can see it (and only coffee fro me this morning hehe) I am just loveing these! I can't tell you that enough! They are amazing!

  4. Those are gorgeous!!! I just love the colors and patterns that
    came out. Almost, almost, makes me wish for snow so I could try

  5. More gorgeous ones! OK - I'm ordering supplies today! ~Jeanne

  6. This was amazing. I had never seen this done before. You are one smart lady!

  7. whow these fabrics are amazing,and i could see the alien and the spine,lol.well done on some brilliant patterns there.xx

  8. Very pretty!! So cool to all these - need to learn this as I LOVE snow.

  9. So how many yards have you done now. They are all amazing and I am having a good laugh with you naming some bottom feeders!
    Hurry up - more to do before the snow melts!!

  10. Really cool! I'm loving seeing what wonders you create.

  11. These fabrics are beautiful!!! Much prettier than any batik that you find in the stores!!! You are one talented lady!!!

  12. Up until now, I've resisted the urge to try to dye fabrics because I thought I didn't have the space for the set up. But I love, love, love what you've done this round! I am downloading your tute and will keep it in mind for when (if?) we ever get real winter weather this year or next!


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