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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Last snow dye photos I promise

So this is the last of the snow dye photos. I promise!

I absolutely love the movement in this one. It looks like it should be a water project to me!

                                          And a sunflower project on this one!

I got some really cool mixing of colors this time, with some very unusual designs. It's always a mystery how they will come out, but I was thrilled with this batch.

These last 3 are the entire yard pieces. I just love them!

I dyed a total of 40 yards. 3 were a thumbs down, but the others were great.
I learned that adding a piece of fabric under your grate, catches the drips from the top fabric as well as sops up some of the extra run off, and you get some spectacular results. The I pushed it a little more and I poured off the "gluck" as I refer to it, on yet another piece of fabric and in most cases I got a much lighter 3rd piece of fabric, in what ever color all the run off dyes made when they mixed.
All were great and will work into any number of projects down the line.
Waste not, want not!  That's my motto and I am stickin to it.

Speaking of that, Madame Samm invited me to post on Tueday over on Stash Manicure.
So keeping that waste not want not, thought in mind, make sure you visit us on Tuesday!!  
                                                        :-)  See you then!


  1. More beautiful pieces of fabric! I am still amazed at the differences in colour and pattern. I can't believe how much you have dyed!!!! It all looks so wonderful.

  2. WOW - way to use the moment of Mother Nature! Just super pieces you have there and 40 yrds is stupendous. I will be sure to visit you on Sew We Quilt.

  3. whow they look great,really love the first couple,well done.xx

  4. You can keep posting snow dye pics as far as I'm concerned. I LOVE the transparent effects you get...like the fabric is shot with light. Beautiful, beautiful!

  5. I'm with Grammasheri - those snow dyed fabrics are literally to dye for ! they are so beautiful - I'm going to have to check into this method in time for our winter - it snows regularly about 20 kilometres from where I live - it would be so worth the trip to make this beautiful fabric - can't wait to see what you do with it :)

  6. Hi Joan first off thank you so much for your tutorial on Madame Samm's site...What a wonderful project and I was just looking at the center 9 x 12 piece of something that I have not quite figured out what else I want to do with for Valentines day and this just might be the answer. I will let you know if I have enough to make something as grand as yours for my center. Next I love your snow dyes they are just beautiful....I love hand dyed fabric and although I live in the south and do not get much snow there has got to be something else I could substitute to make such luscious fabrics....thanks so much and I have become a follower you have a wonderful blog.....

  7. Love your snow dyed fabrics! The last three "one yard pieces" have subliminal images to my eye. The first one at the middle top has a saort of round yellow area with a blue eye and red mouth. If you follow it down you can almost see the image of a person squatting or kneeling down...perhaps receiving a flower from a child or a woodland faerie...
    I would have so much fun with this and Lord knows we have a lot of snow out here on the East Coast of Canada. Very inspiring!


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