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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recycle and reuse!

Red red red...  Are you seeing red yet, and pink and white and anything that makes the heart flutter!!! That's what Valentines day is all about.

While I was working on my Christmas projects this year, I had a stroke of genius... or maybe just a stroke!!   :-)   But, I just couldn't get this crazy idea out of my head.  Where are my manners?   I am Joan, popping in for a visit from "MooseStash Quilting". I have long been a fanatic about saving scraps and threads and itty bitty things that would make anyone who is OCD crazy, I am sure.  But there was this eureka moment, while working on my Christmas project last November. I had all these little corners that I cut off my blocks. You know, the ones left over, when you stitch on the line and then cut them 1/4" away when making, flying geese for example.

I immediately stop and stitch together the little leftovers to save for a new project. Sounds crazy I now!

After you press open your little piece, you get these dog ears.


And you know they have to go!!

          Which leaves you this...
      Now we are on to something!! 

We need tulle, you know the stuff with little tiny holes in it. I put a piece of fabric under it, so you can see it. It's really hard to photograph.

We are also going to need some water soluble stabilizer. I like the woven kind personally.  Now layer the tulle on top of the water soluble stabilizer and stitch around the edges. We need 2 of these one for the top and one for the bottom! :-)

Dog ears!! Yep we need dog ears. And you thought I was crazy!
With the water soluble side down sprinkle on your dog ears.
I like it, but that's all the dog ears I have, and I think it needs more...           I happen to have some eye lash yarn the color I need. So I am going to cut up a bunch and just plop it where I want it!

Take your top piece with the water soluble side up and carefully pin the two together trying not to move the little dog ears or other filler around too much.

And  now for the fun. We are going to take this little sandwich to our machine, drop those feed dogs and start quilting. Nothing fancy, just some loops and wiggles, something to keep things together. Once you have the entire piece somewhat stable, you can start quilting the bejeebers out of it.

Bejeeber:  A very technical word that is about the same as "heck" or "mess" or "stuffing"... You know, whatever favorite word you like to use!!  :-)

It's fun to change out the thread colors and scribble away. It really does need to be pretty densely quilted so when we dissolve the stabilizer, everything stays put.  Here is my finished piece. 
                       Then off to the sink, to dissolve  the stabilizer.

What I am left with is this fabulous piece of fabric, just waiting to have an art quilt designed for it!
                                           Close up...


Remember those little pieces the ones the dog ears came from?

They make up great pin wheel blocks. And just the right colors to match our art fabric!! Who knew!

So I gathered a recycled zipper and some polka dot ribbon and I start to play. A zip up shirt is what popped into my mind, and don't you know that every zip up shirt has to have a matching brooch. It is a rule, I'm sure!

So here you go. My Valentines version of an art quilt.

And from left overs from this Christmas Quilt...
                                                    Who'd a thunk!

         I hope to have inspired you, to start your very own OCD fabric art quilt. Cause there is nothing better than getting a Bonus "quiltie" from leftovers!!

                   Have a fabulous Valentines day!!

     And don't forget to show us your " OCD Art" quilt!

A big thanks to Madame Samm!  It's always a pleasure for me to be able to share with so many talented people. You "all" keep me inspired, each and every day!



  1. You are a crazy lady :} ....and I love it! What a stellar idea from beginning to end.

  2. I really enjoyed your post. I don't think I could save my corners but you did put them to good use.

  3. Have you thought about using all your amazing cutoffs to make a scarf. Make it the same way you made the dogear patch and you would have the most amazing piece of art to wear. I have made a couple of these scarves in the past from wool, fibre and thread. If you use a silver thread to sew it all together it looks like a spider web over the fabric. Very cool.


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