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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's done!

Too many days at work, too little time, but I managed to get the quilts done for the condo finally.
I just love McKenna Ryan! I took this block and stretched it over an artist canvas to replace a picture on the wall. It sure makes for a great way to showcase that perfect quilt or block.

Then we adjusted a few more blocks from this line to make a quilt to hang over the bed. A head board so to speak!
It was a rush to finish and deliver before I headed up north for the rest of the month. Unfortunately I didn't have time to get a great photo of it.  I definitely need to improve my photographs of quilts. This looks terribly wonky, but it isn't in real life. Really, it isn't !!  :-)

3 weeks of rest and relaxation, and hopefully a lot of sewing. I know there are boxes to pack, as young son is moving back home this summer, but I will work that in between my other projects!  :-)  I have a suitcase full of em packed!

Not too sure just what I will have for Internet access this time, but I will post as I can!

Update on the new job. They are wonderful folks, who have graciously agreed to allow my crazy schedule, to work with their training. My first day was delightful. What is not to love about sharing my sewing crazies with everyone, and having fun at the same time? The cash register must have balanced as I haven't been fired yet!  :-) I definitely have something fun to look forward to coming home to!

 Happy Stitchin!


  1. It looks awesome. Good job. Congrats on the job going well

  2. These are going to look great in he condo. Are these the last ones to finish for the condo? Beautiful work!!

  3. they are awesome,well done.xx

  4. I love McKenna Ryan's stuff - so many lovely details. blessings, marlene

  5. The quilts look great! I like McKenna Ryan-just not sure if I want to tackle her quilts!

  6. I would hate to leave the condo after putting up the pictures...but at least they will be there when you get back....

  7. I love both of the wall hangings and especially the bears. Beautiful! Enjoy the 3 weeks of sewing R&R...


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