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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just Why???

Just why is it, that when I have my feet to the fire and things that have to be done, I can manage to get side tracked at a heartbeat?

I know that I need to finish the McKenna Ryan quilt, and today would have been a perfect time to get to it, but... no, I find yet again something else to start!

Have you seen the Project House 360 BOM? Click here to check it out!  It knocked my socks off. So today I had to play. I enlarged my pieces and wanted to make sure things went together correctly before I cut into my quilt fabric. I just pulled a bunch of leftovers to play with for my practice run.

The pattern fit like a dream, but I did learn a couple of things. First off the secondary rays didn't show up as well as I had expected. Darn, it looked fabulous in my mind!  LOL!!  But it's good information to know before I make the same mistake with my "good" fabric. Second, is that while you can't see it here, the background had more of a directional print than I had noticed, and that does not make for great paper piecing fabric. I am so glad this practice piece paid off in knowledge. I threw some borders on it and will call it a free motion quilting opportunity, so all is not lost. What the heck I have a new wall hanging. Now where can I find extra wall space????


 I got a phone call today that made my heart leap with joy!
You see, I have been contemplating retirement from the airlines for some time now. I have been back and forth deciding, but today I know it's May 1 for sure. You see I am going to work for .... ta ta ta daaaa...  a sewing machine shop.
Is that perfect for me or what? Actually its the place I have gotten all my machines from, and the people that I have done business with for about 12 years now. I am just delighted, they are great folks. In fact I will be starting training in the next week or so, just 1 day a week until May 1, the magic day.  Oh happy dance, happy dance!

Oh no, what do I wear??? I have been in a uniform for 17 years now. No one will know who I am in civillian clothes. Heck I don't even own anything else but jeans. Wonder if I can make this compass quilting into a new dud???? Second thought, rays across my rear would probably not be all that appealing to have to look at!    :-) :-)  :-) So as to not scare the public I won't!

Yeah haw, I get to go shopping. New wardrobe!!


  1. Congrats on the new job and retirement. Sounds perfect

  2. congrats and enjoy the next stage of your life journey.xx

  3. What a great start to the next chapter of your life. Yaa hoo.

  4. Wow so many things goin' on there! First, congrats on your retirement AND on your brand, new, right-up-your-alley job! Yee haw indeed!

    Second, I LOVE your "practice piece" wall-hanging. That star just glows! If this is your practice one, I can hardly wait to see the one you sew up in your "good" fabric!

    Oh, and yeah, I suffer from the side-tracked-in-a heartbeat syndrome too. My family has taken to hollering "Squirrel!" at me (from the animated movie "UP") when I take off on a sudden tangent.

    Have fun with your shopping!

  5. Oh, working at a sewing place would be a BAD thing for my pocketbook! LOL!! But congrats!!

  6. Congratulations! "Oh, the places you'll go" with your quilting, now that you are an ARP (that's Artful Retired Person). Enjoy and create!


  7. Oh how lucky are you! You didn't even have to get an 'interview outfit'. As to the quilt block, I think it would make a smashing back for a vest, you know, in the new work wardrobe.


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