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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Snack Attack

Ever had those days when you know your falling off the wagon with your diet?  Well I do for sure, but this time I got to enjoy all my favorite snack foods, and for a change they didn't put an inch on my derriere!!!!   :-)
Now is this not just the cutest thing you have ever seen. And 100% fat free!! Oh happy dance--happy dance!
Carol over at Funthreads put together this delightful pattern. It's not longer on her blog. I got an inside tip that the pattern is going on the market very soon.
Congratulations Carol, the pattern was delightful to make and very very well written! Nice job there girl!

I had a little trouble finding the candy fabrics locally. I did luck into all the Easter fabrics being out and so jelly beans were easy to find. Valentines hearts were still available too. One of our local quilt shops had Halloween candy fabric yet, but my biggest score was from a shop that had a very old bolt of candy fabric. The fabric itself was not all that attractive, but the potential was terrific. I was able to cut out all the little pieces of candy and fuse them on fun fabrics to make my own.

Did that work out well or what??

I really hit the jackpot when I found this fun print with the goldfish cracker skeletons. It was in the kids prints, and just made me laugh, it was perfect for the gumball machine with the cat wrapped around it! :-)
My next challenge was finding something to fill the baskets with. Potato chips, and corn chips were there, I had an old piece of mixed nuts fabric, but what to do for the last basket????

A trip to Wal Mart and passing the candy in the movie department solved that one. I took my camera and shot photos of the candy boxes then printed them out on photo fabric. Heck, you can make any kind of fabric you want with that, and a little imagination, now can't you?
So there you have it. A snack attack for real!  Now don't make me admit that I actually bought some of the candy and snacked on it while I was making this quilt! That's my little secret and if I told you...

Well you know what they say, I would have to kill you!  
:-)  :-)  :-) 
So keep watch for this delightful pattern when Carol gets it to market. It's a hoot to make!



  1. Wow! For someone like me who loves to snack, this quilt is yummy! Well done!"

  2. It's a wonderful quilt and a great pattern. I think finding the fabric would be part of the fun! blessings, marlene

  3. What a fun quilt! I'll be watching for the pattern! (Genius...taking photos like that. We really CAN make whatever fabric we want!)

  4. This does look great. Lot's of fun to be had here. Great ideas for the fabric, especially the printing your own. Love the gingerbread men and the little mice. Every time I look I see more detail. Fantastic quilt!

  5. Have you found more than 24 hours in the day??? If so, will you please tell me how you did it??? You are amazing in the amount of beautiful things you create -- good for you!



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