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Monday, April 9, 2012

PIF finally

Pay it Forward. Remember me volunteering to do that. You know the thing I had a year to complete. Now, just where the heck did that year go?????  I had the idea, and had the fabrics, then something horrible must have swallowed em all up in my sewing room, because it vanished!  Can you imagine?

So I went for that bakers dozen idea. 13 months, after all it's close to a year now isn't it?

Last week I mailed off my 2 packages (finally). Paul and Lynne, I sure didn't mean for this much time to go by, but I hope you both enjoy your little surprise.

You know with all my trivet tuxedos, I just had to come up with a special trivet for you. When I stumbled across this fun pattern from Ami Simms.

That's Amore!
(Click HERE for the link)
I knew I was on to something.

 This little guy made his way into the mix too.
After all, he fits right in.

So to round out the package, I added all the fixin's to make their very own pizzas. Nothing beats prepackaged pizza crusts, when your in a hurry!

 I hope you two enjoy. On pizza night throw in a beer or two for me. I just couldn't figure out how to ship them along too. 



  1. Aren't there 13 lunar months each year? You sound right on time to me.
    And they look like great fun, too!

  2. what a lovely idea,love the towel.xx

  3. I got into a PIF and I think the lady dropped off the face of the planet. She does not blog anymore! But I still have two gals to send stuff to and another eight months to do it! :)

  4. Great gifts. Wonderful job on the pie.

  5. Hello Lynne here, the thrilled recipient of the package. Seems even more special that I had forgotten about it. I now want to pay it forward so please come over to my blog at sewfarfromhome.blogspot.com tomorrow (to give me chance to write the post) and if you want to be a part of this I will draw a name from comments. Only request is that you keep this going. Joan the trivet is amazing -- Thanks you so much. I love quilty people

  6. Great ideas, Joan -- what a wonderful surprise for your PIF recipients.


  7. Joan, The gift is AMAZING... I love it.

    I just saw this post today, as I did not do any blogging (or reading) last week. Timing just conspired against me with your gift!

    I posted your gift on my blog, as apparently did Lynn (I'm going to check hers out next!)

    Thanks Again,


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