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Saturday, April 28, 2012


I was so dancing in delight with my Hummers Storm quilt, when an eagle eyed quilter discovered a big boo-boo in my piecing.

What???  It just can't be...

The top photo us correct!
If you notice on the bottom photo
Top right hand corner...

My Storm at Sea block turned into a Monkey Wrench!

Glory Bee, just how did that happen? I was so careful when I was piecing.

Oh yeah it's all coming back to me now...
This was done to show just how easy it is to change up a block and get a totally different look. It's a teaching quilt. That's my story and I am stickin to it.
Design element I say - design element!

Jeez oh Petey,  what an idiot I am!

Some days you gotta take the good with the not so good.
On to the next project.


  1. I don't care - it still looks great! And if it worries you there is always fabric pen or applique - just kidding! Or just leave it because no one else will really notice! Leave it and love it!

  2. Both look terrific, I don'tknow if I would have changed it.

  3. Yikes! I know if it were mine I would be frustrated, but not so sure the frustration would motivate me to take things out and change it. It's so tiny. You never even noticed until someone pointed it out. Oops I mean great teaching lesson :) It looks great, love the colors.

  4. Charachter my , it is just charachter!! LOL!! (I often say mine have more charachter than anyone elses! hehe)

  5. I seriously had to look at it several times to see the difference...it is a gorgeous quilt!

  6. love that you are teaching us not what to do,lol,it does look great,well done.xx

  7. Remember -- the Amish deliberately placed a mistake in each of their quilts to symbolize the idea that only the Creator was perfect. So stick to your story -- tell 'em you MEANT to do that . . .


  8. I felt like i was doing the kids picture puzzle... find the differences in the 2 photos. If you hadn't said it was in the top right corner i would never have found that particular element of the design.

  9. Oh.It happens. I made a queen size irish chain and didn't notice that one sections was flipped until after it was quilted.If we were perfect what fun would that be:)


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