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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hummers Storm

Oh Boy, oh boy!!  I actually got some quality stitchin time in lately. While reading thru all my blogging friends posts a few months back, I stumbled across this wonderful pattern for a Hummer's Storm Quilt, and I knew I had to have it.

I was never much of a paper piecing fan, but a class with a great instructor, changed all that for me. Nothing beats the precise-ness of paper piecing!

You too can find your very own copy over at Cherry Blossom Quilting Studio
click HERE for the link.  Now don't forget to give Cherry a big ole thanks. She has shared some fabulous patterns with us!

  Note: My quilt is done just as the pattern shows, and I bought 4 yards of each of my 2 main fabrics. I have about a yard of the pink leftover, and scraps of the blue. The green "odd man out" block and the border were out of my stash. If that helps you with yardages at all!  Now I also have to tell you, I have become a huge Thermore Batting fan. It's a Hobbs Ultra Thin Polyester batting that I have long come to love in wall hangings, because it quilts perfectly flat. I have not used it in a big quilt before, but WOW, it did a fantastic, and it makes for a very nice summer weight quilt! A queen size bat is about $20 and if you use your JoAnn's coupons you can get it at half price, quite the bargain!

Now, after looking at this photo, I think I need to focus on weeding for awhile!
:-(  Yuck!!  Just why is it, that weeds seem to flourish in my yard, when grass struggles?  Gheez...life is not fair!!!


  1. That is quite an awesome quilt - just love the addition of the green, really livens it up, nice work!!!!

  2. gorgeous quilt,well done.xx

  3. This quilt is great, love the colors and the pattern is just so interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow! This is impressive! Your fabrics work well in this design. Lots of work here.
    Thanks for the info on the batting, too.
    It's easy to solve the weed problem. Simply take the next photo in a spot where you can't see them! Works for me.

  5. Your quilt is fabulous and that green in there....just wonderful!

  6. Great quilt -- you used some of my favorite colors here, and they sing!


  7. Great quilt! Love the combination of these two block styles, thanks for the link to the PP patterns!


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