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Saturday, May 5, 2012

A bit O Inspiration

I went for a visit with a friend to the Denver National Quilt Festival today. We both were in need of some great inspiration, and we were not disappointed.

As I was getting the photos together for this post, I was thinking...

Now this is my favorite. A little play on words. Actually a big play on words. A people jar for bugs, instead of a bug jar for people. It was about 4 foot tall, and absolutely hysterical!
Then I saw this, and I love Dr Seuss!
And then
A Zebra in my favorite colors!! My heart swoons!
Would this not be perfect for all those hand dyes I am hoarding?

Overall Sam is soooooo cute, but check out the fabulous quilting!

Now this one floor'd me. It's her very first attempt at fusible applique.

Just look at that incredible detail

You won't be finding any treasures like this in my first attempts!

Now this one just screams Ahhhhhhhhh doesn't it?

This could be a painting!


Crime Scene...
oh yeah!
With all these great saying on the fence!

Now you gotta admit, that's just darn funny!
And soooooo true!
This one was hand painted and shellac'd to look like ceramic.

Can you even imagine? The details are spectacular!

I love this!!  :-)
And this makes me want to start something new! So simple and captivating!
Here she used up stuff. Even the directions on how to make something from a printed panel. It's soooooo cool looking! I've got tons of stuff!
I love how the light dances on this one.
Thread painting you say? I thought so too, until I read about it.
Cheesecloth...  did I really read this right?
Better yet, and you imagine having the vision?

These are just darn fun!
I'm a trying to get my quilting sister to do this on our quilt retreat, but she's not to keen on it. You have to admit, it's funny! And about 6 foot tall!
:-)  :-)

I am leaving you with my favorite, I think, yep, I am pretty sure, although they all really are!

I want one just like it!!!

I knew I would find more I have to share. Remember all those half square triangles we all seem to have to save?  Well, forget piecing them together to make pinwheels. You can use each half and just stitch them down. This is pretty darn cool isn't it?

I think I am on my way to find some scraps, and start my own little art quilt.

Oh yeah... it was a good day.

Thanks to all who were so generous, in showing their quilts to us. I know my mind is on overload now!  And that's what quiltin' is all about!


  1. This is an incredible selection of quilts. What wonderful inspiration!! That should provide plenty of motivation to finish attacking your sewing room and start a few new projects.
    I think the dog/crime scene was amazing and I love the fun of the stack of tea cups.
    Thanks for the great parade of quilts.

  2. Really appreciate the time and effort it took to make this post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! I enjoyed every one...like I was right there! Thanks so much for the quilt show!

  4. thanks for sharinf your pictures awesome quilts

  5. I wanted so much to go but am on call all weekend. Thanks so much for sharing

  6. Thanks so much vor sharing the inspiration. One is just as wonderful as another. Lovely way to start my day.

  7. That was a lovely show, a great start to my day. Thanks you.

  8. I was there Thursday! Thanks for the refresher. I was so visually overwhelmed. I took some photos, but missed some of these shots. Thanks for sharing.

  9. oh my, what a great show thanks so much for sharing. I love seeing the great things people around the country are doing. I will never be able to go to all the shows and see the original works in person so this is a treat for sure.

  10. Fabulous show of quilts. I LOVE the crime scene. Hahaha! Can totally relate.

  11. Thanks for sharing such a great show -- we Easterners don't have the opportunity to see great shows like this very often.


  12. I loved the quilts! My favorite is the little girl in the flower garden. I would love to try something like that some day but...the patience she must have...I don't think I have enough!! They are all beautiful. I can't wait to get to the NQA quilt show in Columbus in June!


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