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Monday, May 14, 2012

Scrappy Happy Finish

Gumdrops from Possibilities

Yep, I got one done. My first post retirement quilt!
It's pretty bright, but what a great way to bust thru scraps. I chose to use my hand dyes for most of it, but nothing would keep you from using up any extra "stuff" you might have laying around from other projects. Scrappy is the name of the game.

Ole Paddington Bear was from my teddy bear era. I made him many many years ago. He keeps a constant watch over my sewing area. Probably in dismay!
I am sure he can't imagine just why I have to have so much stuff!

Having just got home from HMQS, (Home Machine Quilters Expo) in Salt Lake City, my head is full if inspiration. Especially after the show that was in town the weekend before. This years show was incredible as usual. I think it is probably my most favorite show that I have attended. They never seem to amaze me with the quality of quilts they have to share with us.

My quilting sister and I made an extra long trip this year and took advantage of our wonderful suite at Country Inns and Suites to have an extended sew in. There were lots of threads a thrown, and plenty of wine a-goin! What better combo than that! 
I've got lots more to share, but that's for another day!


  1. Oh how fun! My very first quilt was made from that same print Love it!

  2. Well you have certainly started retirement with a rush - quilt shows, and expo an a quilt made!! And lots more to come from the sounds of the inspiration from the expo! Love the brights in this quilt and the way you were able to use what you already had. Fantastic!


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