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Thursday, June 21, 2012


We all know how much we gain from our online friends. The inspiration we find in reading blogs and boards, surfing thru Flickr, and Pinterest... The list goes on and on. 

Yesterday I had one of those incredible AH-HA moments while reading my Quilting board.  Postal Packin' Mama, posted pictures of a Quilt as you go, reversable, scrappy quilt that knocked my socks off.

Is this not just the most devine quilt you have ever seen. Better yet she was kind enough to share where her inspiration came from.

Buggy Wheels
String Quilting

So now you know what I am up to (and will be for many moons to come)!! I just couldn't help, but dump my scraps drawers and start cutting up stuff yesterday. You know I think this one is going to not only clean out all my scraps, but force me to actually go buy more, by the looks of things. Now that's a win-win isn't it.

So please check out Postal Packin' Mama's post and thank her for sharing this beauty with us all.


It looks like all those PIGS  (projects in grocery sacks) I was so hot to finish, are going to remain in their sacks for quite awhile longer!   hahahahaha
Isn't that what quiltin' is all about anyway?

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