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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Americana Annie

Once upon  a time our fabulous Aunt Pitty Pat hosted an American Annie swap. You know that infamous swap of 2012. 

Well, having never done a doll swap before, someone jumped in with both feet. Now you know, or at least you know now, that Raggedy Ann has been an all time favorite of mine, right. But did you also know that Brenda over at Lillie Mae's Crafts has about a gazillion patterns for us to use, for free. She us such a talented and generous soul! 

               So put this all together and this is what you get.

 One American Annie, who went to my swap partener Pam, who has graciously adopted her and named her Millie.

And two, who I am so excited to introduce to you. Joy and her "blankie", who made her way to me from Pam. I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am with this little one!

After all with a face like this...

                                      Who wouldn't just fall in love!

                        Joy came complete with her sidekick ole "Glory Bear".

 And just like any of us girls, is ready for shopping, as she has her very own purse!

Lastly, I just had to pull up her dress and show you her "private parts".  No need to close your eyes, it's even fit for internet viewing!  :-)  :-)

      So now I ask you, are you all not sorry you didn't participate too? 

Thanks to my wonderful swap partner Pam, for a delightful little dolly who will be cherished forever. And thanks to Aunt Pitty Pat, your swap has just make my day!   Oh, who is kidding, my year!  And a big ole thanks to Brenda, for sharing your wonderful patterns with us all.


  1. Awesome post....you really make Joy come alive. Thanks for being such a wonderful partner...Millie is definitely cherished!

  2. Holy cow, you both did so well. The girls are gorgious. Congratulations.

  3. Both dolls are totally gorgeous. I can see why you took part in this one. Good to know you had fun doing it. So, do you plan to make more?


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