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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quick Panel Quilt

Some times you just need to fill a fix, with a quick and easy quilting project.
That's exactly what I did today.

This cute panel print is called "Jolly Jungle"from the Henley Studio at Makower UK fabrics. You have to admit, just looking at it makes you smile. What made me smile, was the hour and a half it took to complete it. I love sewing on a border, quilting and calling it good to go!  Especially after the marathon piecing event I had previously!  :-)


  1. That is very cute and it does make me smile. I love quick projects.

  2. I just bought a panel today so I can do that very thing. :) blessings, marlene

  3. That's a fun quilt! You have made me realise I need to do the same with a few of my panels. Why do we buy panels that we seem to leave sitting there for ages, when they are really a quick and easy finish?

  4. They make great gifts as well!! Cute panel. I have a Christmas one that needs my attention.
    Gmama jane


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