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Friday, July 20, 2012

Sample Quilts

I have spent my last few days busy making sample quilts for the shop.
This one has to be one of the fastest, most fun quilts I have done in a long time. It's from the Maple Island Quilts  and is called Sidelines. This one is a lap size quilt that took all of a couple of hours to stitch. I used a flannel for this one. Let me tell you when it's 100 degrees outside, working with flannel is a challenge. Oh thank goodness for air conditioning!  :-)  But when I finished the top, I realized that I hadn't bought any backing. Just what was I thinking????  So I checked my stash and came up with the perfect backing..

Until I realized I was about 1/4 yard short. ARRRRRGH!! You all know that 1/4 yard short in a backing is like 1/4 mile in a marathon!  What to do, what to do??

I am not fond of pieced backings using different fabrics. Call me crazy, I've seen some beautiful ones, but it's just not me. So I put on my thinking cap. I did have a coordinating fabric that worked well, and I found my acrylic bear templates, so I made it look like a planned backing. After all, you "can" fool some of the people some of the time, I hear! Heck, I even had a bit of a different attitude towards multi fabric backings when it was done.  Not to mention visions of fun floral backings with a spray of flowers across them, etc etc etc...  The options are endless now!  Sign me up for another multi fabric backing, my mojo is armed and ready for ya!


  1. I like this pattern, it allows you to use fabric that you might not want to cut up into smaller piecies. Piece backing are not my thing either, put when you have to you have to, and your looks good.

  2. It does look like fun. I do like the bear fabric and I think your solution to the backing is perfect. From all your excitement I gather we will be seeing a lot more of these backings. I am impressed that you have sewn flannel in the middle of Summer. Like the design of the pattern too. This is the sort of pattern that will work well with lots of novelty fabrics.

  3. It's perfect, are you sure this isn't what the original pattern design was? I love anything with bears! :)

  4. Your backing is terrific. The bears look like they were part of an original design element. Great job. Oh, the front is super too. I like quickie patterns for kid quilts. Will need to pick this one up.
    Like you I wasn't keen on pieced backings but once I started I kind of like doing them "sometimes'.

  5. I love your mouse blocks. I'd like to win it! Thanks for your hard work on all of these. I'll also visit the othersl


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