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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Yeah behemoth, it's the only way I can describe it.

You've seen it before on my blog, or one like it, I should say!  This one is mine... all mine. I was so enchanted with it, I had to have my very own.

It's a reversible quilt. One side is a Buggy Wheels block and the other side is a string quilt.
I used the QAYG method to put them together.
With it's 120"x120" behemoth size, it wouldn't fit on my long arm :-(
Putting those last couple of rows on gave me a challenge. The weight of this beast was unbelievable. I am going to be one warm girl come winter this year!
You can't believe how hard it was to bind, when it was 105 degrees outside. I learned to do some strange contortions to make sure I wasn't sitting under it at any point, for fear of heat stroke!  LOL!!

It was fun to change the fabric colors joining the blocks on each side, and I found a fabulous online tutorial, for making 2 color bindings.  You can find the tutorial for yourself right  HERE 

Dare I mention that it completely emptied out my scrap drawers. I have no scraps, and I ran out of strings, and had to start cutting up more fabrics to finish it up. Whew, it sure felt great to use up all the oldie-moldies!  Best part is I can't even see some of the really hideous fabrics!! Win-win!!

My scrap shortage was short lived. I was gifted 2  big boxes of fabulous scraps and specialty threads from my cousin who is cleaning out her sewing room. You won't see me complaining about anything, other than the fact that her room is going to be clean, and mine won't... but I am good with it  ;-)

So... that's what I did on my summer vacation, my "short" retirement.  Classes are going well, and I will be completely trained and out tormenting folks the beginning of October!  Watch out if your flying out of Denver!! Cause I will be watchin' for ya! 

Oh by the way... Quilting Gallery is having a scrap quilt contest.
I would love for you to hop over and give me a vote.


  1. Love the quilt and you've got my vote!

  2. Wow! You definitely get my vote.

  3. Wow! Gorgeous quilt! What size are your blocks? Good luck!

  4. I have to say that that is one fabulous quilt...totally amazing...

  5. I'm ready to vote! This quilt is huge!!! It looks amazing. I think it is incredible that you managed to use all your scraps. Love the way it has turned out.
    Good luck in the scrap quilt contest.

  6. Super job on that huge quilt....love the 2 in one idea. It turned out fabulous.

  7. wow wow wow that is amazing! Going to go vote for it now :)

  8. That is glorious!!! I'm off to vote.

  9. I love all the things you've been doing lately -- what fun projects. Can you bottle up some of that energy and send it to me???


  10. Amazing!! I love it - you have done a fabulous job and I'm sure you will enjoy sleeping under it when the weather changes :-)


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