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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sock Monkey

I have always loved Sock Monkey!

The fabric has been around for awhile, but I hadn't gotten around to getting mine yet. Fortunately I found a piece at my quilt shop recently.

I stumbled across this fun, and best yet - FREE - pattern online awhile back from the fine folks over at United Notions!

Click HERE  for your very own copy. Get em before they are gone!

 Somewhere in the dark reaches of my quilting room, I even have a package of the original "socks" that are probably 35-40 years old. I know that it has the pattern for the monkey on the package. Gheez, that's probably a collectors item now!!! :-) I really should find them shouldn't I??



  1. I think I saw sock monkeys at kohls the other day as their current charity stuffed animal

  2. I could have written this post. It was my favorite toy growing up. And I have this pattern. Ane fabric like this. And the socks!

  3. Love seeing you having some monkey fun. I do like the sock monkey.
    We didn't have them here as kids growing up. More teddy bears.
    Your quilt looks great.

  4. What a perfect quilt. I love sock monkeys. I was so pleased when the fabric came out and I could snag some. Only thing is then I didn't want to cut it up but I did and sent it on its way. Fortunately I have more bits and pieces. The socks by the way are still available. I've bought them from - are you ready for this? - The Sock Company!


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