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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Snowman Soup

Let's hear it for Snowman Soup!!  After a very long and HOT summer, the temperatures are starting to drop. Yeah, I know that it's nowhere close to the time to start thinking about snowmen and the likes... But after such a long heat wave, it's sounding better and better. Heck it was down right chilly on Saturday morning, and I am seeing my trees starting to turn already. That's almost unheard of this soon. I hope it's not a sign of the winter to come!  :-)

But just in case, Angie Padilla over at Angies Bits and Pieces, shared this adorable quilt with us last month, with her Christmas in July. We got a new pattern every day of the month last month. Is that too cool or what?
                          All the best ingredients in the soup!

                                      Great canister and mugs

 A mason jar full of chocolate and marshmallows, along with a pot for the soup.

                                        and a few chocolate drops

                       You've got all you need for a great pot 'o soup!

Thanks Angie for all your talent and the adorable pattern you shared with us all.
If you are not a member of Angies Bit's and Pieces, I can guarantee it's the best bargain out there.  Check it out HERE. 


  1. They were showing on the news here some of the leaves turning and said it was due more to the lack of water - at least here. Beautiful quilt. I love it.

  2. That is soooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!

  3. What a cute quilt. Especially the chocolate drops (kisses as I call them).

  4. I think your quilt would be perfect here. We have just had another dumping of snow on the mountains. One son couldn't resist and is there now with his snowboard.
    I am surprised to hear that the leaves are turning already. I agree that it seems far too early.
    Your quilt looks wonderful and as always I love the colours in it.
    When do you get time to do all this????


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