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Monday, February 11, 2013

Stocking Swap

Could it be??? Would it be??  Ohhhhh yippee, it is!  It finally made it thru customs.
Here in the USA, we don't see boxes like this too often!
I knew it was what I had been waiting for. :-)
You see in December, Aunt Pitty Pat hosted a stocking swap. I was lucky enough to be able to swap with a gal in Russia. One of my biggest joys in blogging it meeting new friends across the globe, and having the privilege of swapping with them, is just "icing" on the cake!
This is the lovely package that my partner Lena sent to me!
So pretty!
This was like a magic box, where things just kept coming out of no where!
Beautiful ornaments,  holiday napkins, yummy chocolates, one that's in a wonderful tin with a beautiful photo of Russian architecture.
Nesting Dolls!
Have you ever seen them?
The entire family fits inside each other.
I love these dolls. Every time I was in Alaska, I came close to getting a set. I am so glad I waited, and I have the real thing.
Topped off with not only a fabulous box, but a bar of hand made soap in it. I just can't tell you how pretty it is!
The other side of the card. I bet it's drawn by Lena too!
All topped off with a set of silicone mini bundt baking pans!
Thank you so very much Lena.
Shipping international can be difficult at times. Between customs and the postal service it was almost a 2 month wait. The package I mailed her took about 6 weeks. I was really starting to get worried about it never reaching her, but was delighted when she posted that she did in fact receive it.
Finally, I can share the stocking I sent to Lena. I filled it with fabrics and sewing notions.
Strangely seems to match the Holiday Lane pillow I did, doesn't it?
Yes, it was all about pink wasn't it?
I might add that Lena has a beautiful blog. You might just want to check it out...
And, yes  - you will need your translator to read it, but that's just another toy that Google has given us to reach across the globe and communicate!


  1. What great gifts you received. It is alway nice to get things after Xmas.

  2. This is like Christmas all through the year!! And what fun to swap with someone in Russia. Wow!

  3. What fun! I love Matryoshka dolls! I have seen so many unusual one too. Amazing how small the smallest can be.

  4. ))))) I'm so glad that the package finally arrived! And I very glad you liked the gifts!)) I was very pleased to meet you!)))))

  5. It was such fun peeking in your goodie box!! Glad it arrived. isn't blogging fun with all our worldly friends?
    Gmama jane

  6. Just wonderful and I'm sure it was well worth the wait.


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