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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PJ shopping

I personally love all the Internet deals that are available now. Let me sit around the house and shop in my PJ's and save a lot of money. Not are the prices usually less than what I pay locally, but I usually save on sales tax which in many cases pays for the shipping if it isn't free anyway!

Case in point... my favorite
 Last week I got an email from them, about their "Snack Attack" fabrics on sale.


It brought back memories of the adorable pattern called Snack Attack by Carol over at Fun Threads.blogspot.com

I just had to email her and tell her about the big sale.  I have long been a shopper at Thousand of Bolts, but Carol found all kinds of toys to play with on the site. You can read her post HERE.

The fabrics they had were just the ones I searched high and low for while I was making this quilt. Where oh where were these, when I was looking for them.

You never know when your going to need those special fabrics again, so off to work I went and surfed the sale... Look what I got in the mail!
Are these just the greatest snack attack fabrics?

 I needed some white fabric and stumbled across these other fun prints while surfing!

I just can't help, but not checking out the fat quarter and clearance "short cuts" too.

That's a total of 12 full yards and 11 fat or short cut fabrics.

Wanna guess what the the total on that bill is?
We all know that the average price is over $10 a yard now.

There you have it $83.36.  With the flat rate shipping charge, it was still under $100.
No sales tax, no gas, heck no dressing up either!
Now that is a fabulous day of shopping for me. 

Just one note though.  The post office is having all kinds of financial troubles, that we hear about all the time. This medium flat rate box has jumped from $7.75 to $12.95 in the past 2-3 years. Trust me I know, I mailed stuff to my son in Alaska, in them all the time.  I understand that costs rise, and I am OK with the extra charge, but...
 really now, is this how they handle PRIORITY MAIL?
So glad this wasn't china in the box.
LOL!!  All my precious fabric was safe and sound regardless of the trip it too!

So check out my fav... www.thousandsofbolts.com
and see what kind of trouble you can get into!

As for me, I have to find a place to hide my new loot!
Hubby will have a heart attack if he sees more fabric come thru the door!
Gotta run before he gets home!


  1. Great haul on the fabrics!!
    As for the post office....one would think they could refrain from dancing on the boxes for the cost they are charging us now:(

  2. great fabrics. I shop with hillbilly handiworks on FB, she has great prices too- moving to a website this week.

  3. I must agree with you about this on-line store. I have found some wonderful bargains there. Love it.
    Lovely selection in your fabrics. I bet the wheels are turning over and the quilts are already being planned!!
    Hope you managed to hide it in time! :)

  4. Online shopping for bargain fabrics is the best, except when you are trying to match a specific color that is. Nice haul.

  5. What a haul!!! It's just like Christmas.


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