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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thru the Woods

It's done.  Yippee, it's really done!

Even after the debacle last week with my stitching the border on upside down, I managed to recover from my snit, get it picked out and put together correctly. This is a stellar moment for me. Normally, I would toss it in a corner and let it sit for... well in some cases forever! LOL!

This one was just too pretty to let sit though, I trudged thru fixing it. I really can't say with a smile on my face though! I'm not that good!  Tee hee...

Don't you just love the colors?
I am so proud of myself. I actually used fabrics in my stash. I had to purchase the background black fabric, and a few extra greens, but my goal was to stash bust, and I kept to that for this quilt.
The solid fabrics are my hand dyes. 

This was a BOM last year from Project House 360. 
I loved this pattern so much, that I made sure I downloaded each piece every month.
There was a little something for everyone. The center is paper pieced as well as the trees.

 A little traditional piecing...

Some Log Cabin

 Rounded out with some fun applique

I know that most would do needle turned applique, but I just don't have the patience or talent to do it. I did fusible and a little thread play on it. Since this will be washed, I made sure I used Fray Check on all of it. 4 bottles worth! :-)  It's a must, if it's going to "ever" be washed.

I rounded it all off with some fun quilting.

An update on the panto info...
it is available at

It's called Alfresco. I've had it for awhile, but not used it yet. After doing so, all I can ask myself is WHY did it take me so long. This was so much fun to do. It's got a great rhythm to it, and was so much fun to do! It was a great, pop on some good music and get into the groove panto!
I do love that. 

It got me to thinking... just about all of my favorite pantos come from Willow Leaf, and I need to go shopping with them again real soon!

So there you have it... and for what I learned from all this is...
What the heck was I thinking? A black quilt with all this cat hair!!!

Murphy is that you?

On my final note...

See this? 

I am not sold on these new Bounce Dryer Bars. This is the stuff you get on your things, if the dryer is too full. I can control it when I dry normal things, but when your trying to fluff up a king size quilt, and de-thread or in my case "cat hair" a quilt, you really don't have a choice of the volume in there.
I just need to remember to pull the bar out of the dryer, but did I? 
Guess not!
It does come off with a wet wash rag, but it's just another one of those things...
This quilt seems to have had it in for me from the start!
Smooch! I love it anyway!



  1. love the colours you used in your quilt and the quilting is wonderful

  2. You perservered through all. Great job.

  3. It is absolutely gorgeous. What a wonderful job you did on each and every step. Congratulations.

  4. Stunning! I'm curious...I don't hand applique either, but I have not heard of applying Fray Check on fusible appliques. Do you do this even when you stitch over the edges of your fused pieces? Do you apply before or after fusing? Before or after stitching?

  5. Absolutely beautiful. And thanks for the tip about the dryer bar - I've been tempted to buy one but I'm over it now. :)

  6. Fabulous!! The colors are wonderful and probably even more so in person. It screams come snuggle:)

  7. Hey, wow!! Way to go, fixing it so quickly and the FINISH. Woo hoo!!! It really is a pretty quilt, and its style is just perfect for doing not-needle turn applique. I would have chosen a similar route, too. :D Pretty!

  8. Congratulations on finishing your quilt. It really looks amazing. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  9. You really are on a roll. Getting UFOs finished is amazing. I am impressed that you stuck to the unpicking. And it was really worth it. The quilt is gorgeous. I agree that the colours in the middle are stunning. Great choice with the quilting, too. And you are impressing me again with the use of your fabric stash. Maybe you need to use the lnt roller on the cat first. Would that help. :)

  10. A gorgeous quilt. The colors are wonderful.

  11. Your qlt turned out beautiful! What kind of setup do you have to qlt your qlts? I have a hq16. Love it. I cuoldnt find the panto you used at willowleaf. I do love them and urban elementz.

  12. Lorene, your so right, you can now find that panto at this link


  13. Outstanding! Need I say more. Okay, I love the colors too.

  14. Nicely done and yeah for you for sticking with it an finishing it. Thanks for the link to the pantos. Since I just bought a machine yesterday I need to start researching the best places to get some.

  15. Joan, this turned out just beautifully! I'm going to go check out those pantos!

  16. I love the fabrics, the variety of blocks and the quilting! I am trying to bust my stash too....problem is that tend fabric keeps calling my name!


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