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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another one bites the dust!

Oh yeah baby, that song is running thru my head.

Another one bit the dust...  Project in Grocery Sack that is.

This is Blanket Toss from Mount Redoubt Designs.
It's a re-make from a past pattern, that I made years ago.
The beading on this, was a first for me.
I do love both of them, but the newest one sure has a punch of color.
There is just something about the bright batiks, that make my heart soar!
And I always marvel at just how much quilting, adds to a block!
Kind of make you want to have a snowball fight doesn't it!
With all the weather we have been getting around here, that might be an option for the rest of the year.
Where oh where did our spring go?
Although, I have to say, I took a trip with my quiltin sista, last weekend to the Pueblo quilt show, and the weather was marvelous. A real spring weekend.
One of my favorite things to do in Pueblo is take a stroll on the River Walk.
Is this just beautiful?
One would think it's a fabulous quilt, but...
It's actually a bronze statue.
A tribute to the Lakota Sioux Indian Women.
I have left some of the photos in their full size, so you can see the detail.
It is just stunning how real the beading and fabric looks.

I can't imagine how they manage to do this in Bronze.

But I can say, it is a fabulous work of art, something I will never achieve with my quilting.

Oh sigh, one can dream though!
Whether you love Inuit Alaska Natives, or the Native Lakota women.
They are both incredible tribes of hardy women, who do deserve the recognition!
You go girls, hardly seems fitting, but...
What can I say, other than you helped pave the way, for us women today!


  1. Gorgeous statue! The first photo really did fool me. Thank you for showing the detail - lovely tribute indeed.

  2. beautiful art - the detail is amazing!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!

  3. Wow! That statue is really something else. And your quilt~! What a fabulous finish. :D I do love batiks, and this showcases them so nicely. Very FUN FUN FUN design, too.

  4. Great statue. I thought she was real from the back shot:)
    Love your quilt design too!

  5. love your quilt! always meant to get a barbara lavallee pattern ... love the blanket toss. will get one for sure, now! thanx for sharing.

  6. Yep...I've got those Barbara Lavallee patterns too...I guess I'm still collecting just the right fabrics. Your quilt looks great!

  7. Great quilt. The batiks are very affective. The statue is amazing. It looks so lifelike.

  8. Both of those quilts are just gorgeous and the statue is amazing! What detail. No clue how they did it.

  9. Love both your quilts but the statue is amazingly beautiful - thanks for sharing.

  10. I think that exact same statue (or one very very similar)is in front of an art gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. I've taken photos of it too. Same Indian woman and same quilt and same colors. The only ting that might be different is the way she is holding the quilt. I'll have to look at my photos to be sure. I love that statue it's larger than life and so beautiful too.

  11. I just checked my photos and that is he exact same statue.

  12. I have to agree with you. The fabrics and colours look wonderful. Love the way you have put this quilt together and the quilting you have chosen. Well done on ANOTHER finish. Maybe it's due to the cold weather keeping you inside?
    Thanks for the photos of the bronze sculpture. It sure is amazing. Incredible detail. What a wonderful tribute to those women.


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