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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bonnie Hunter is my Hero aka Weed Wacker quilt

We all know that Bonnie is the queen of fabulous scrappy quilts.
This one is "Weed Wacker". It's another one of those I never shared with you.
When I think of Bonnie, I can't help but chant...
Bonnie is my Shepard, she makes me lie down with comfy quilts.
she challenges me to use up scraps
and throw caution to the wind
then savor all those "blasted" ugly fabrics we can't bear to throw away.
I guess you can say, she is my savior of sorts. She has saved me from spending tons and tons of money on things when I have them right under my nose!
Gosh... she's an ANGEL!!
Love ya Bonnie!
Now pay Bonnie a compliment and create your own Weed Whacker!


  1. Great use of the fabrics! Is there an ugly fabric?

  2. That is a great use of scraps. Love the pattern.

  3. What a cute post and a beautiful quilt too. I also love using scraps. You did a great job!


  4. love it! I'm doing Bonnies scrappy trip around the world now, and I sure used some uglies!

  5. Lovely! Of course!
    Always think these patterns are great.

  6. Hi!!! Love it!!! Glad you shared it with us!!!!


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