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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

For the Birds is over! I'm so sad...

But we sure did all have fun. So much inspiration and so many talented bloggers who shared with us all.  Gheez, are we great or what!

Now I promised that I would have a give a way, and that is just what I am doing.

                                Soooooo drum roll please!

Random.org tell me...


Love the whimsical birds. They are terrific.
I'm new to quilting, but have used a part of a pattern to make a mini quilt.
Thanks for the chance to win.


Yes, Scrapbook-ChickADoodle is my winner!  Really now, this must have been destiny. With a name like Chick A Doodle, you have to win the Bird Hop prize!
I have sent you an email for your mailing info, and these patterns will be on their way to you!  CONGRATULATIONS!!
With this party over, we can look forward to the next one. 

Finally, I think spring has sprung across the US anyway, and most of us are thinking about flowers now!  That's a big finally too, have we ever seen so much snow so late in the year?

While I can't give you too much info, I can name drop, and tell you that Madame Samm and I have had our heads together. :-)  There is a hop or two coming up, that I will be cheerleader for.
So if that just doesn't scare you to death, consider pulling out the stops and doing something crazy for them...
Remember a great day starts with a good laugh!
Till then...


  1. I feel sad also, the last day of a bloghop does that to you, I'm so happy you feel that to!
    Congrats to Scrapbook-ChickaDoodle, you have won a nice give away!
    Great to see you again in the next hop and what a supercrazy surprise to have you as a cheerleader in a future hop! That will be big fun!

  2. Well isn't your name being added to the the cheering squad the best news of the day. Congratulations.
    I didn't realize until you pointed it out that today was the end of the birds. Very sad. Glad you ended the post on a high note.

  3. I've been a follower or yours for quite some time and I probably found you through one of the blog-hops. But sad to say I enjoy one every here and there but much prefer just regualar quilting/sewing project stuff. I may be in the minority but I have to budget my time too. I've been thinning out my list of blogs I follow, I hope you will continue to do more than just hops.

  4. Congrats to the winners what a great hop....So much fun. And thank you for hosting a giveaway.

  5. Congrats to the winner! You will be a fabulous cheer leader...glad you and Madame Samm put your heads together and came up with a plan.

  6. Thanks sew much! I will enjoy my gift tremendously.
    Congrats on being a cheerleader! I'm sure it will be a fun hop!Hope I see the sign up in time...I missed out on flowers, but will be in the Tammy hop. I am learning so much with the hops :-)

  7. Is that going to be your cheer leading hat???
    It is so good to hear that Spring has finally arrived. About time!!!


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