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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Something Fishy!

Something is very fishy around here...

And it's McKenna Ryans "Something Fishy" quilt.
I've been working of it for a couple of weeks now.
I was delighted to find the perfect way to use some of my snow dyed fabrics.
Who knew that snow dye would make such wonderful ocean fabric :-)
I was even able to find co-ordinating hand dyes for some of the blocks too, but then there was that border, I had a piece that would have been perfect, but it just was not big enough. So I went to work dyeing fabrics.
Anyone who tells you it's easy to dye hand dyes to match what you already have, is lying to you!   LOL!!  I thought if I used the same dye, and the same method, it would be a snap!  Well, snap...it's not!
What I have is a lot of fabric, that just didn't work.
(but fear not, it will find it's way into another project down the road)

I just love the detail that McKenna puts into her quilts.

It makes it feel like these fish are jumping right off the quilt at you.

These boots come to life with scrapbook brads!
Then there is this wonderful border, that I struggled dyeing for.
The braid just adds so much to the quilt.
As I was stitching it, all I could keep thinking was
I've had enough of boring borders.
What about you?
I think I need to shift my focus on jazzing up my borders a bit.
Since this was a wall quilt, I mounted it in a canvas.
I must say, I do like using canvas when I am hanging quilts that are not going to get changed out. It just gives them that perfect art look. Best yet, there is no worry about your stitching on the back! No clipping threads, etc.
Is that a big plus or what?
 Here is a link to a post I wrote on attaching a quilt to a canvas, if your interested.
And watch for those sales at Michaels if your in the USA.
You can pick up canvas at 50% off!


  1. I have liked this quilt - the fish and all, but your fish, they looked like they were swimming on my monitor and you could actually catch them!! Love your work! Beautiful! And on that canvas - perfect!! I am so glad I found your blog - it is always a joy to come see what you have been up to - and I LOVE the border on this too!!! You have ideas swimming in my head now!! thanks!!

  2. I can't believe I hadn't thought of a canvas mounted art quilt..love that idea! Your rendition of Fishy-Fishy is wonderful!

  3. I love this quilt. I am going to do a search for the pattern since my local quilt shop does not carry of any mckennas patterns.

  4. It turned out really great. What a nice piece of art for behind your sofa.

  5. So much fun. You'll enjoy it for many years to come.

  6. That is really gorgeous and I LOVE that braided border! It's a great idea to mount it on canvas too.

  7. Oh my goodness, but this is fantastic Joan!! I love all the details. I am just stunned by your perfect fabric choices. I am also going to check out the canvas tutorial for when I finish my Bella Garden. Thanks again for all your inspiration!!!

  8. Wow! I love all the special detail work in it! Congratulations!!!

  9. This is wonderful. You are right about the detail - it looks so good. You do a wonderful job with dyeing these fabrics. And I do like the border, too. These are about the only sort of fish I could ever catch!!
    The best part is that it looks fantastic on your wall!!


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