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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The HO HO HO Blog Hop begins...

When Madame Samm announced this blog hop, it was that golden moment that I had always been dreaming of. Long has it been a dream of mine to actually get some Christmas stitching done during the year. You know, so there wouldn't be that frenzy in December like there normally is.  Had I ever done it though???  Heck no!   This year it was going to be different by golly!

I've been so sewing deprived this year, that it was just the challenge I was up for. So much in fact, that my goal was to have a project for every day of the hop to post.

Today is a special little table runner I pattern tested for Beaquilter.

This was a delightful little paper piecing pattern, that was very easy to piece.
We will all definitely have to keep an eye on BeaQuilter and see just what she is up to!  :-)

Here is the list of holiday bloggers today, see  you there!

                                           July 31



  1. Such a wonderful table runner ... It will look beautiful at Christmas :)

  2. Nice runner... I like the striped border!

  3. Bea does such a nice job on her projects and you have done a nice job testing it. It looks lovely.

  4. What a lovely runner. Great job on fabric slection for it too.

  5. Lovely job. I'll be back each and every day to check on you. Great goal.

  6. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
    Fabulous table runner dear.

  7. Great runner. Bea's projects are always wonderful.

  8. ohhh I totally forgot about my RUNNER!! quickly need to update my post... yours looks GREAT!

  9. Nice table runner. I was a tester for Beaquilter too :)

  10. I missed this one. It sure is a cute runner!!


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