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Monday, December 16, 2013

Loved to Death

You know it's all worth it, when you find that one of your quilts were just "loved to death".

I asked my brother to take pictures of the quilt his little one has dragged around for years.  Pretty sad, it is!

It was made from scraps,  6 or 7 years ago. I scrounged to find enough fabric to make the darn thing. It really was just a bonus quilt in my mind.  But in the mind of a 2 year old, it was his new best friend.

It's been everywhere he has, and he never goes to sleep without it.  Even getting it away from him to wash, was a challenge. Trying to sneak it out at night after he went to sleep, didn't work out well for them. Ended up when it was time, he would pull up a chair and sit in front of the washer and dryer and not leave until he had it in his hands again!  LOL! Now that is real love, I'd say.

Somebody has a birthday this week, and guess what????

There is a new twin size, big boy quilt that he is getting.   I was thrilled to find this flannel.. You couldn't get much closer to the original one I used.

All the cool trucks and tractors are from Anita Goodesign
You can find them here...

While it's says it's a "Baby" design
We are not going to share what with Mr. Mason.

Little boys don't take kindly

To being referred to as a "baby".
While I don't expect this to replace his thread bare treasure,
I hope it will be a good substitute!
Happy Birthday Buddy!



  1. So very cute....I have a grandson named Mason....Merry Christmas

  2. My son had a camo quilt that his aunt gave him when he was around nine. He slept with it until his 20's. LOL. The corners got really threadbare.

  3. I bet he loves his new quilt - it is wonderful! My oldest son's first quilt was that loved. I rolled over the binding to give more life and I finally cut the quilt in half so I could wash it in peace! ~Jeanne

  4. Wow, that's really loved. I didn't think that the new quilt was for a baby. It looks like a little man quilt to me. Terrific gift idea, not quite a replacement. Just a more grown up version. Great job.

  5. This is such a loving birthday gift. The cozy fabrics are perfect for a boy growing up. How sweet your story of his baby quilt not leaving his sight. Handmade Bliss...

  6. This is a wonderful story. You can never predict what ones they will love like this. How gorgeous!
    I hope he likes the new one just as much. It is a great gift for a young nephew.

  7. It is truly adorable and I know that he will treasure it as much as the 1st one.


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