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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Eye Spy

I became very enchanted with the eye spy theme quilts this past year with the Nancy Drew blog hop. There are so many different types of "spy" quilts you can do.

I stumbled on this pattern awhile back on the Hoffman Fabric web site...

It's Snow Globes by Denise M Russart
Here is the link for the free PDF file

With all the Christmas fabrics that I have collected, I knew these snow globes would be perfect!
I took it a couple of steps further and made mine into a lap size quilt

                                             And personalized each globe.

My quilt is longer than most.

I like a little extra so my toes don't stick out

on these cold winter nights

So my quilt is 73" long

It's such a fun way

to make a commemorative Holiday quilt!

Bet you have someone on your list who could use one too!
It is a fast and easy pattern to do.
I have to share. I used a gold Glide thread by Fil-Tec, for the first time, to quilt this.
 My HQ16  has always been an easy machine to stitch with, but this thread ran thru it like a dream. Not one thread break in the entire quilt. Oh it was a great quilting day! 
Happy quilting.
A big thanks to Hoffman Fabrics and Denise for sharing such a fun and easy pattern with us!


  1. Joan i adore this,,,your fabrics are delightful,so perfect for globes

  2. So cute. Snow globes. Who knew.

  3. Just wonderfull. What å brilliant idea. :-)
    thank you for showing.

  4. What a cute collection of Christmas fabrics to make such a cute quilt !

  5. It is beautiful! I always get a chuckle when someone says they made it a little long. My Honeyman insists that any I make for him are long enough to wrap up under his feet! I have 3 in the living room...but only 1 is 'his' LOL!

  6. That is fabulous and I love the personalized touch.

  7. Thank you! I've been trying to find something my little girl would love and this is IT! I love your version.

  8. Sew sweet! Thanks for sharing the pattern link ... :)

  9. I love those snow globes...such a great way to spotlight your cute fabrics!

  10. A wonderful quilt. You are so creative with the whole snowglobe idea. I really like that you changed up the scenes to whatever you wanted and then personalized it - outstanding!

  11. This is a wonderful quilt. I love it and can think of at least 2 people who would adore having one. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. That pattern has been on my "to do" list for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time! So glad you made yours! It's a cutie!

  13. I was thinking Grinch with the talk of feet stickin out, lol. Your globes look wonderful and glad your quilting worked so beautifully for you. Nice quilt thanks for sharing the link. Jane

  14. Totally gorgeous! Love the idea of the snow globes. Yes, how much Christmas fabric do we have!! I will bet you hardly made a dent in yours!!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful quilt with us.

  15. What a great way to use those fabrics. The snow globes is so neat.Thank you for sharing.

  16. A friend just showed me a snow globe ornament she made and I thought how cute that would be as a quilt. And then I saw yours. So cute. And such beautiful quilting too.


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