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Saturday, December 7, 2013

When Pinterest Inspires...

I love looking thru Pinterest. Recently I stumbled on this adorable tutorial over at U-createcrafts.com


Snuggle Snowmen 
Finished quilt size: 44"x64"

With those little faces peaking over the snowball pile, I knew I was going to have to jump in and play with this one myself.

My version is a bit different. I made my snowball pile bigger, to keep those toes nice and warm!  LOL!!

I even dug thru the pattern pile, and found this pattern that I bought years ago.
It had never opened, but was perfect for my quilt!
So there you have it. My version of the Kilroy's Snuggle Snowmen!

A big thanks to U-create and to
Natalia and Kathleen for sharing their inspiration with us!
You can visit them at their blog


  1. Your version is extra delightful! Don't cha just love Pinterest for inspiration!?

  2. Oh, how cute this is!! Pinterest is now my go-to when I need to find a tutorial for anything. Love it!

  3. So, so cute - love their faces! blessings, marlene

  4. Dare I say, I think yours is even cuter than the original!

  5. Love those hats. They just make it yours.

  6. I love it. Your snowies look adorable! You really do have a knack for finding great ideas and combining them. Still don't know when you catch up on sleep!!!


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