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Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm not posting, but that don't mean I'm not busy!


It's been awhile since I posted...I have not forgotten you, but I have been working on a myriad of surprise projects!   I've done a some pattern testing for someone special, and I just can't show you things yet.
But she didn't say I couldn't give you a sneak peak!!!


 There is one more, that I just can't share. 

I'm also getting ready for a quilt retreat next month in Elmira New York. I am flying there to meet my blogging and Quilted Table (Yahoo group) buddy, Sharon and her gang. Let me just say I am so excited about this trip. I was asked to come up with a secret project for them to work on while we are there.  I put on my thinking cap, and let just say...I am very excited to see their reaction!

Here are some of the fabrics I am using, but that's the only hint your their getting out of me!   Oh I feel like I'm on a covert mission or something. So many secrets...so little time!

So what do you talk about when you can't talk?

How's the weather?

While we are still in that loop of a few days of nice spring weather, then a day of snow... There is an end in sight. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, when we had some heavy fog for a few days. I love sitting at home taking photos as opposed to driving in the stuff!   LOL!

That's about all for now. 


  1. You are very cheeky with your sneaky peeks!! I suppose I will just have to wait!!!
    Those photos are lovely but they do make me feel cold.
    None of that here - still warm and sunny.

  2. Oh I recognize that block - yes secrets here too. Elmira - just around the corner (or two) from me. Love the fog photos, how cool.

  3. Uhhh love the sneak peek!! can't wait to see the reveal... ;)

  4. Hi!!!! Sounds so fun!!!!! I am sure they will love it!!!!!

  5. Looks like you still have lots of snow.


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