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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rainbow 9 Patch

I see that Bea has posted what she has been up to lately, so I am guessing that it is OK for me to share with you too!

Yes, I have been pattern testing for BeaQuilter

Is this pattern not just to die for?
When I saw it, the first thing that ran thru my mind was all my hand dyes.
What a perfect pattern for them.
I don't know if it was more fun to pull together my fabrics or stitch it together.
It just came to life as I sewed, and I love projects like that.

The flower gave me a place to play with a little free motion quilting...which lead to much more.

I went crazy with the pebble quilting. 

If you want to have a good time with this pattern, you can find it HERE 

Thanks Bea for letting me play with this wonderful pattern!


  1. your pics are great! and thanks for doing it. your quilt is awesome- better than my original ;)

  2. and I think there's a way to upload your pics too the craftsy pattern???? if you want..

  3. Wow!!!! This is awesome - the pebbling looks great on it, but man- the red petal fabric's colorations couldn't be better! sooo cheerful. How can you not smile when you see this quilt? :)

  4. Your quilting is just awesome!!

  5. Adorable quilt that is such a great pattern for anyone - the color placement is fabulous and really takes this quilt over the top. The applique isn't overwhelming for those of us who hate to do it, but adds so much to this quilt. Your quilting choices were inspired!!! What's not to love about every aspect of this quilt!!!

  6. Love it!!!! Did you dye ALL the fabrics in this one? That is awesome. And I love the play you have had with the quilting. It looks amazing.

  7. HI!!!! Your quilt is wonderful!!!! I love all the quilting you did, it really adds to its beauty!!!!!


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