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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

                   It's been a weird weather year so far this year...
            Mothers day brought us over 24 hours of rain and snow.
Who would have thought, that we would have managed to collect this much show in May!

Once the snow stopped it was pretty chilly for days.
I took advantage of the low temperatures to shovel rock

That's 5.5 tons of rock. 
And yes I shoveled every bit of it myself. 
Oh it was heaven, working in 40 degree weather.
I will never have rock brought in again when it's warmer than that!
Best exercise I ever got.

Oh the finished results, were well worth the work!
We took out a lot of overgrown bushes and broken down raised flower beds.
I'm much happier with the clean look and low maintenance now.

Then, last week it was tornado's and hail. Thank goodness I was out of town for this event, but friends posted photos from the airport on Facebook.

 Why is it that we go thru all this tornado training, and the first thing everyone does is run to the window to see it????  So much for heading to the shelter away from flying glass. Thankfully it didn't do any damage to the building, but there was plenty of hail damage to planes on the ground.

But finally last weekend, we had sunshine and warm weather. Enough so, that I headed outside to start on my yard.

First up, my swinging bear planter box. This has been in the back of my mind for a few years now.
My youngest bought me this bear, at a chain saw carving event at the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque a few years back.
Finally this year he got a good home hanging out over my new flower box.
Yeah, I split the wood...guess I will have to replace it, LOL!
It was the first time I have had the wood working tools out in years, so one little split didn't really bother me!
It did get my interest peaked in woodworking again.
It's been way too many years...

Next up...for those who just don't have enough toilets to clean!

 My toilet planters!
I think I only had 1 last year, but this year it was joined with a friend!
It's the ultimate in recycling!

I think the pink and blue snails make it.
Oh, I know it's not for everyone...
It takes a certain sense of humor!

I do not have a green thumb by any means, so seeing even a few flowers in my garden makes me very happy.

 Oh and I took a fabulous class from Pat Speth, the Nickel Quilt lady!
I have traded and saved these things for years...

 While my nickel quilt is in progress, I couldn't help but be captivated by "Trashcan Treasure".
I dumped out my scrap drawers and collected all my strings to make these strip sets.

 Turned them into these blocks!
It looks like "Trashcan Treasure" is a pattern you have to attend her class to get, but you can find other great freebies on her web site.

and, you can visit her blog for her 365 quilt blocks she is designing.


Soon I will reveal both of my quilts!

Oh and did I forget to tell you, and in the midst off all this,  I got an email from a friend a couple of miles away, sharing these photos...

Yes, it's a fairly normal looking neighborhood, only with news crews and police everywhere...

4 doors down from her all this chaos erupted!

Yes, you see it right!  That's a plane that flew thru her neighbors house.
 The pilot got out and walked out the front door. 
It was big news for a few days...accident you say, maybe, but it turns out the pilot used to live in this house. There has to be more to this story here...
It dropped out of the news as fast as it dropped in!

So who says there is no excitement around here?

Happy Summer!


  1. What a full post with great variety!! Yea, why do people run to get pictures during major chaos? I'd be hiding for sure.

  2. I love your upcycling of the toilets!! I would like to make a settee from a claw-foot tub and use 2 toilets as end tables for it, but I think I'll have to plant flowers in the tank section!

  3. Love the swinging bear planter. Great idea.

  4. How crazy is that weather!! Get out the skis. And we were having a very unseasonal warm spell at the same time. Gone now.
    That rock moving was an amazing effort. Well worth it as it looks wonderful and will be so much easier to manage.
    And then tornadoes??? What is going on? Some of those photos are stunning. And frightening.
    Okay, so now normal weather means yard work. That's a cute planter. And of course I love the toilet planters, too. Great to see the flowers popping up. Have you grown a green thumb?
    Love the scrap quilt pics. Bet it was fun at that class.
    Now strange as it seems, we did get news reports of that plane crash and the story of the pilot and his previous home. I just didn't realise it was near you! Small world. Crazy event!!
    It has been lovely catching up with all your news.

  5. Wow - I think there's enough going at your house and in the neighborhood to keep folks buzzing! blessings, marlene


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