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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You know it's summer when...

The fabric dyes come out and the fun begins!

I dyed a rainbow, so to speak!

Mixing dyes and seeing new colors bloom is such a joy.

This time I played with some tone on tones.

What great results they gave me.

Best yet, they were all from left over dyes. Once I dyed my main fabrics, I just poured off the extra liquid on these. That's why they are more pastel. They just soaked up the leftover dye. It's always a bit of a mystery as to what will happen.
Not bad results, but there are a couple I might re-dye next go round.

Here are some solid extras too. They just don't have the same punch as the tone on tone, do they?

 My main goal this time was solids, but when I was at the end and had some dyes leftover, I played with dumping them together and squishing them into a small container of fabric. I do love the design that happens.

It was a good dye day.  47 yards in all!

I found a bolt of Bamboo fabric hidden in the ole sewing room, that needs to be dyed. 
Hidden with it was 12 more yards of fabric ready to dye.
My quilting Sista bought me some white PFD batik... Ohh I can't wait to play with that.
and today I went and bought 12 more yards of polka dot tone on tone. 
I've got a plan....

It's gonna be a Happy Summer!



  1. They are beautiful!! What are you planning to make?

  2. I wanna come and play at your house!!! LOVE the tone on tones!!! Gorgeous fabrics :) I can't wait to see what you do with them!!! 47 yards will make more than 1 quilt

  3. Pretty. Looks like you had fun.

  4. Sooo pretty....the kind of fabric pile you just want to pet and "ahhh" over:)

  5. While your solids are great I just love, love, love the tone on tone. Wonderful, simply wonderful.

  6. wow, they are looking so cool and it sounds like such fun, are you going to sell them?

  7. You have a mountain of dyed fabric. The colours are so vibrant and stunning. I am looking forward to seeing what they can turn into!!!

  8. Beautiful. What is your favorite or your go to dye book/surface design book? I did a lot of dyeing about 15 years ago -- still have lots of supplies, but no PFD fabrics. Will have to go on the hunt for good buys. I really want to learn to get the deep, deep tones (a la Nancy Crow), where she triple dyes her fabrics. But am unsure exactly what that means. Time to start catching up with dyeing developments, I can tell. Again, your fabrics are beautiful! Wish a few (a lot, all) of them were in my stash.


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