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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

No sew day

It was a no sew kind of day yesterday.  Nope, my BFF of 50 years and her family, came to town! We took a little adventure to the Denver Botanical Gardens to see the Chihuly Blown Glass exhibit.

Warning:  lots of photos. :-)

There was surprisingly few flowers in bloom, but those that were, were stunning.
I can almost see each and every one as the base of a fabulous art quilt.

Oh and my "pic" of the day...

Kind of takes your breath away doesn't it?

I just got a comment from a no reply blogger about the last photo I took and an award winning quilt at Houston last year.

This blows me away, I had  no idea...
Thanks Kristin for the link. 


  1. Oh I love Chihuly's glass! Gorgeous pictures thanks for sharing.

  2. His work is always so stunning. I wish he would come "do" my garden!!!!

  3. A Botanical Garden and Chihuly's Beautiful Glass Sculptures makes for a truly amazing display to behold. Creative Blown Bliss...

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  5. Just stunning!!! I love blown glass artwork and this is among some of the best I have seen!!!

  6. Wow. I forwarded this to my sister who makes lamp beads. I'm sure she is going to love this.

  7. Amazing photos!!! I love Chihuly glass. I've been lucky enough to see his Seattle exhibit and one traveling in Virginia. I know you had a truly lovely day!!

  8. Here is a link to a quilter who made a beautiful piece from the piece in your last picture:

    Beautiful pictures! We are covered in Chihuly here in Seattle.

  9. Oh, I love Dale Chihuly's glass! I got to go to his exhibit in San Francisco a few years back, but it was indoors, so didn't get too many pictures. They are wonderful out in the garden like that, just glorious! Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. This is stunning. What a great exhibit to go to see. Love it. Thank you for posting all these gorgeous photos.

  11. I had to look at these a couple of times....so realistic and really beautiful....you took some great photos of the flowers too...good job Joan

  12. The glass is beautiful but your photos of the flowers take my breath away - wow! You are a fabulous photographer.

  13. BEAUTIFUL!!! We have plans to go to that too. It looks totally worth it.


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