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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oh how we wish for Sunny Days

Does this guy just make you want to smile.
You've probably noticed I have been going back into the archives of my old quilts.
You see I have been making a real effort to document all my quilts.
Took me long enough now didn't it?
This pattern was in a quilt magazine many long years ago. 
Now if only I was as good at keeping track of that!

Don't forget how important it is that you track all your quilts.
Some day, someone is going to want to know.

Now your probably asking what the heck was that post title all about?

Can you see it?
Right out my front window, a tornado.
This was on Monday as I was heading to work.
One out in front of the house, and one out in back. 
Thank goodness we had no damage. 
There was very little for anyone else either.

Today its rain, rain, rain.
Making me wish for Sunny Days!
til it's hot and I start complaining about that!
Ahhh, the joy of whining.


  1. I wish you could send some of that rain our way, but you can keep the tornado!!!

  2. yes i see it..and I prefer your sunshine in its place..good to hear there was no damage near you

  3. Ohhhh myyy GOSH!!! You say it so calmly. I'd be totally freaking out if i opened my door and saw that in front of me. We need rain so badly here....but not the tornado.

  4. ...................And super cute quilt!!!!!

  5. Really a cute quilt. Glad to hear no damage done. And I'm thankful here in Louisville we are getting rain now and then, gardens doing pretty good.

  6. Great way to keep track of your quilts. Yes, I am smiling at the sun.

    Now that is quite a fright to see tornadoes so near. Do you get them often in your area?
    Make the most of the rain but hope it is sunny soon.
    We are very cold today and have snow in the hills about 10 minutes from us. Brrrr.

  7. Stay safe, sis, in all that turmoiling weather. Some of it is getting flung off our way....well, the stuff from Utah, anyway. We want the rain so bad but not the turmoil. We're doing the finishing touches on April's Banner and should have it off to you by the first of the week. Hang in there.

  8. The weather this summer sure has been strange. I'm glad that nothing came of that twister. Here's hoping that this new month will be better.

  9. Pretty and sunny quilt! May the tornadoes stay away. We had one in MA this week, too, less than ten miles from where my hubby was working. Lots of local damage but, blessedly, no serious injuries. May the days be as bright and happy as your quilt ... :) Pat


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