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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sun Bonnet Sue

I got to play with more Sun Bonnet Sues, for Prairie Cottage Corner recently.

First off... Patriotic Sue
Does she just make your heart sing.
I LOVE the flag corner stones!

Patriotic Sue and her little dog too!

Next up...
Christmas in July!
Yep it's still July for a few more days.

Now if I tell you she is so "stinkin" cute, you do know I mean that in the best of ways!

This one just makes my heart sing!

The fabrics that Kathie picked out are just incredible.
So bright and so perfect! 

 It's all about the texture with us quilters.
Here's a peek at the back.
Fun huh?

When I sent this back to Kathie, I told her these trees were screaming for embellishing.
You will have to visit her blog to see what they have done!


     Now for those of you who caught it...yes, she is having a give a way on her blog.
You can win a choice of either of these 2 patterns.  You've only got till Wednesday July 30th, so don't delay. These little gals are fun, fun, fun!   And the holidays are getting closer and closer.
                                             Wink wink!!!

                            You can purchase Kathie's patterns at:


  1. These are so sweet. You have had a lovely play. Great work.

  2. So cute. I think is is fun how Sue has become popular again.

  3. They are both just adorable and your quilting looks amazing...love them!

  4. Those are super cute! I love the quilting on them.

  5. Once again, you're knocking the ball out of the park (to use a summer saying....I can just smell the hotdogs). You're the best, Joan. Thank you so much! Yes, we did get those trees decorated and that's one of the funnest parts of that little pattern. Also, those corner stones on the Patriotic Sue? Those are really fun to make and foolproof in many ways. It's just strip-sewing (no, wait a minute, you leave your clothes on!) and trimming and voila! Here's a hug....April is next, I think, in a little bit.


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