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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Patriotic Flair

   Pssssst...someone is just about to release a pattern for this fast and easy table topper.
                            Yes, I have been pattern testing again!

                Oh, I should say...someone just released it this morning!  LOL


It's 18" diameter and a perfect size for a candle mat too.


  1. now how pretty is this....very patriotic my dear

  2. That is so nice. Hmmmm...who could the pattern maker be?

  3. Very pretty and a well-written pattern. Thank you for lettins us know!

  4. Very patriotic! It looks great with the red candle on it.

  5. Looks great! Really nice with the addition of the candle.

  6. That's really nice. I like it very much. Thanks for sharing and helping us designers get the word out.


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