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Friday, July 11, 2014

Quilting Diva

It's purple, it has a crown, and a cat, and what the heck a frog...
Who just wouldn't love it?
 This, is what welcomes you into my studio.
Oh if only I could still wear those jazzy knee hi's at my age!

This design is from the Quilted Frog. If you have never visited their site, you don't know what your missing. They have the cutest darn patterns! So whimsical, so unique.
Check it out...

Here is my current wish list!

                                              BlackBerry Pie

 Paris Cafe

 Pig Starlet

What about you? What are  your fav's.

 It's all kind of shocking that Moosestash Quilting, doesn't have a moose in the entryway, isn't it?
What can I say!


  1. Love the piggie starlet. And yes, it is positively shocking that you don't have a moose hanging on the way into your studio *wink* By the way, where oh where is your moose in a tutu?! He'd (she'd) look hunkie dorrie in striped knee highs and a tutu, maybe a head band with a lace flower too? LOL

  2. my fav is actually the first one...as much as I love animals I don't think I have ever done one...mmmmm you may inspire me ....

  3. All very you. I spotted a few ideas in the free pattern section, too.


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