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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

SunBonnet Sue-January Banner

You whoo...
Do you Sue?

Well if you do, Prairie Cottage Corner has the Sue for you!

I have be fortunate enough to be chosen to test out patterns for them.

Kathie has designed an entire year of banners for Sue.
Each banner is 32" square.
Kathie does hand applique, Joan does not!  LOL!
But I convinced her to give me a shot with my fusible.
So no matter what your preference is...

Just makes you heart happy, doesn't it!


  1. Joan - You're the best. You make it look easy....hey, wait, it IS easy. Applique is a French word for putting stuff on top of other stuff. It's not the French word for difficult. That's difficile, or something like that. Anyway, applique is fun and easy, especially with fusible (another French word). Golly, is this quilting or French 101? I love your work. Thank you so much. Kathie D.

  2. It does make my heart happy. Great job and it's so cute.

  3. if your heart is happy..what more could we possibly ask for ...that is contagious...wink...

  4. I love it! I have always "liked" SunBonnet Sue, but I am finishing up a quilt for my great-niece due in August of embroidery/applique SBS. I love it! I also purchased a pattern on Craftsy of a large SBS that I can't wait to make, too.

  5. She is so cute and definitely puts a smile on my face! Your applique work is beautiful!

  6. Look at those sweet little ice skates! Very cute.

  7. So glad you found Kathie and her Sues! I have quilted several Sue quilts for her...have three in the lineup right now!! She loves designing Sue and loves seeing what others have created with her patterns. She is talented and a very nice lady too!!!

  8. Joan ... you're the best! ... :) Pat

  9. She is delightful and I think your method has worked just fine!


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